Dr Spodumain - CSM 16 - Always go for spod first

Just watched your interview, and I like your focus on third party development.

I’m wondering how you feel about the possibility of opening up in-game UI modifications.

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It really depends what you mean by in-game UI modifications.

We’ve already got tools that allow you to somewhat extend the UI of the game such as EveVision, and there are some existing ESI endpoints to allow you to open certain windows like Show Info and the Market.

Can you elaborate on some of the kinds of things you’re suggesting? It’s always going to be a fine line between adding a benign convenience feature and something that becomes a well abused tool.

For myself, I’d be really happy to just have some ability to do some basic cosmetic things, like different fonts. More hotkey flexibility, like keys to send commands to specific drones.

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I’d be all for cosmetic enhancements, especially along the lines of the half-finished colour blind options that exist in the game.

Plus, and I know some people will have concerns regarding bots, there is no such thing as too many bindable keys. All the hotkeys, all the time, yes please!

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Thanks to the generous donation of Interstellar Kredits from this CSM Candidate, I’ve been able to secure the necessary supplies for the starving and war-exhausted people of 1DQ1-A III.

Hereby I must retract my previous statement made in this thread, which was in fact premature and unnecessarily hostile.

And for that I sincerely apologize.

Nevertheless, since the supplies are located in the Jita system, and the people that need them are in a remote nullsec system, a completely new issue arises.

Knowing that the war between the nullsec empires is still in it’s full force, I realised - even though I’m the capsuleer representative of my people and therefore I’m limited only by believing - that trying to move the supplies myself would be doomed to fail. Therefore, the obvious next step is turning to the other CSM candidates for help.

Yesterday I’ve been able to finish the necessary preparations - the supplies have also been separated into parts and since the stories of capsuleer pilgrimages in Badger-class industrial ships have reached even the surface of our planet, I’ve decided to include those ships as well. I’ve also filtered out the CSM candidate list and selected a few that looked like they might be willing to participate in such a pilgrimage.

Out of those few, if at least one Badger manages to reach 1DQ1-A III, I will consider it a success, though of course I believe with all my heart that all of them will.

Ultimately, I would wish to thank again Dr Spodumain for his generous contribution to a cause he initially appeared to have no connection with. I give you my word that the people of 1DQ1-A III will not forget it and will encourage everyone to vote for you in the upcoming election, since it is my full belief that our selected CSM representatives should be willing to listen to every voice, no matter how insignificant. Our own vote and voice might very well be an example of those - insignificant and our story laughable to some, but hopefully people will see that it didn’t fall on deaf ears.

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For my German speaking friends @Rich_Richman and I were recently on @Walldeck’s show talking CSM stuff. Well worth a watch for both English and German speakers, there’s translation for both throughout.

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Every year I make my endorsements public over on Eveoganda. And each year I pick candidates based on their integrity, what I personally know about them as people, and how well I believe they will serve the widest spectrum of Eve players. This year it is even more critical, since I am also running for CSM and want to ensure we have a council dedicated to getting things done. And while my concerns are primarily centered around LS/FW, I’m confident that Dr Spodumain will make a great addition to the CSM. That’s why he will be on my ballot this year.


An unexpected endorsement, but a very welcome one. I haven’t really put much thought into my own ballot/endorsements yet, so we will have to see.

I have to say I’m pretty humbled and surprised at the amount of support I’ve managed to get so far, it’s awesome to see people have not forgotten some of the most important, but often unappreciated, issues in the game. Thank you all for the support thus far <3

I probably should have dropped this in here much sooner, but for those that are interested he’s my quick 10 minute interview with CCP from last week. If you’re after a shorter summary of my campaign, beyond the written words above, this is it.

For the curious, this is who I’ll be voting for this year.

  1. Dr Spodumain

  2. Phantomite

  3. Suitonia

  4. i Beast

  5. Stitch Kaneland

  6. Teddy Gbyc

  7. Arsia Elkin

  8. Angry Moustache

  9. Mike Azariah