Dr. Who Event: some ideas and suggestion

I was thinking at some ways to make this kind of Events more interesting in the future.
Some criticisms was aimed at the all player driven factors, markets mainly, to adjust for filaments production, and resource gatherings, trading, etc.
Why? Because at some point it was, and still is sometime, running at a loss after factoring filaments cost and market values for the loot. It’s not a rant, just a fact.

Being a timed event. wouldn’t the resources and filaments expire at some point?
How should the value stay in place after the event expire?
Looking at Wightstorm event, High sec filaments still has some value. Also.
The Ice missions, were all contained in rooms, where an agent would take care of all ice.
And being multiplayer based, there was a lot of fun in the stealing, contesting, etc.
So wouldn’t make some sense to let the manufacturing of filaments, buying of material, being taken care by some agents in space? Where it may perhaps take place some sort of multiplayer activity, all in space? It would be a lot more pirate… and fun…

I mean I don’t want to discard everything of the Combat and Exploration filaments, just add a third wandering agent, (Dr Who himself?) that would manufacture the filaments, in exchange of the loot… it could also work as a fix for sort of protecting the value of some material, while other could still find its niche in the market…

Food for Dr Who thoughts…

Dr Who would be utterly appalled with New Eden, at least the recent Dr Whos.

Another idea could be a Dr Who Hall of Fame for speed run combat sites!

I’d be placed out of the top 100 for sure…
And connected prizes also would be triggering awesome!!!

but I’d ban drugs for the records…

the 60’s were amazing. No bbc iplayer kinda break for me… I’d love to…

Well to be honest I was expecting some sort of mission storyline asking us to investigate on the convergence sites, with a little story, some dialogues with npcs and with the goal to discover what these strange biomechanical creatures are, what they are doing here etc.
The good thing is that it was really original and stood out of other events I’ve played on other games, but on the other hand I feel like it lacks some explanation and backstory.

Also, it’s great that the event was designed as a solo experience with everyone doing things on their side and in “private areas” so that everybody could play it the way they want, or not play it at all.
But it could have been way better with some sort of collective goal to reach, so that everybody would feel involved in fighting the daleks and players would have reasons to group and play content in group , would it be to repel them back to where they come from, to study them, steal data from them or things like that.

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