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This is a place for fiction about Templis Dragonaurs - ultra-nationalist Caldari organization whose origins date back to the Tikiona States and that was once associated with Tibus Heth’s Provist government.

Keep in mind that this is fiction and can not be considered official lore, despite using some existing official info as a starting point.

Aim is to give some flavor for this faction, as they once had notable influence on Caldari State and represent apex of ever existing caldari inclination towards nationalism… As well as I just see them as an interesting group.

Feel free to use this thread as a source of inspiration (but, again, keep in mind that it’s still player fiction) and to post your own ideas there.

Dragonaurs Factionalism

While all cells of Templis Dragonaurs share the same origin and similar goals, their growing numbers turned into matter of time emerging of different philosophies and formation of factions around them.

  • Arkidei / "Orchids"

Taking inspiration from K’vire Fuukiuye, ancestor of civire, and the warrior caste of the Raata Empire, their main focus - removal of the corporative system and use of State Armed Forces as the base for the new order.

Arkidei integrate themselves into the SAF and make large efforts for raising the strength and prestige of the Army and Navy and supporting its combat operations openly and covertly.

Positions of Arkidei in SAF faced a notable blow when the State started extensive reformation of armed forces in result of Triglavian Invasions in YC122, which led to more focus on work with megacorporative PMCs.

  • Kaltekirym / "Corporatives"

This faction draws inspiration from Deteaas Oryioni, ancestor of deteis. They conquer corporate ladders and look for allies on the tops of Megacorporations, trying to be invisible guiding hand.

Also Kaltekirym find themselves comfortable in the scientific circles, tirelessly working on ways to outsmart opponents of the State and Dragonaurs.

While they can be seen as least combative faction, they still will ruthlessly deal with anything they consider a threat for themselves or caldari at large.

  • Rouvenorists

Rouvenorists believe that only through conflict caldari people can stay strong.

They trace their roots to the destruction of the Nouvelle Rouvenor, which they use as an example of how creation of catastrophe can serve the greater good, and to the oldest days of caldari on Caldari Prime, when life was an endless struggle and weaks was destroyed and strong was strengthened by the nature itself.

With that they frequently find themselves in the middle of disasters, natural and artificial alike, looking for those who will come through.

  • Parakanat

Parakanat have almost fanatical dedication to the goal of caldari superiority, which they see achievable only by elimination of all possible opposition with use of every possible tactics and technologies.

Being the most radical faction they are apex of what forms Templis Dragonaurs and can be considered a universally known face of this organization.

As this faction moved into cooperation with the Vimoksha Chorus, they received a strong ally. But extent of their deals is still unknown as well as how many members of Parakanat still maintain a free will and how many of them become fully integrated into the Chorus.

There are rumors that this part of Dragonaurs led by somehow alive Tibus Heth himself, possibly captured and turned into a slave of Sansha Nation or Vimoksha Chorus, but these claims are yet to be proven.



Roots of Templis Dragonaurs lie in the fall of Raata Empire, the most long-standing caldari empire, in CE 20998. Templis Dragonaurs started as one of the many groups that insisted on restoration of the Empire as something attributed to what would now be called “true caldari”. As with all such groups they saw rises and falls, but never ceased to exist entirely as they relied on Raata ancestry and sense of patriotism - important parts of caldari culture.

New era for Dragonaurs started after contact with gallente. In CE 22631 Cultural Deliverance Society arrived to Caldari Prime after a period of instability on the planet and started to influence caldari culture. Over time several caldari regimes were overthrown in democratic revolutions and even the most powerful of them started to adopt democratic mechanisms. Many traditionalists perceived this as an abomination and treason of caldari spirit and turned to megacorporations, so they would be able to counteract from behind the scenes. But some chose other ways. First seeds of xenophobia and hate to gallente were planted there and Templis Dragonaurs got a clear goal: to protect the caldari spirit from gallente. Later it turned into their oath: “To save Caldari. Whatever the cost”.

In CE 23154 after long tensions between caldari and gallente situation started to escalate. On 26 June Kaalakiota CEO Matias Sobaseki in national address accused the Federation of subsuming the caldari identity and called for all to take a stand to preserve said identity. On 21 November during Senate session 23154/T3782, called for finding the solution for problem of recently discovered hidden caldari colonies, all caldari senators stated that corporations will represent caldari people and in answer to Senate demands on next day, 22 November, caldari megacorporations issued Proclamation of Secession, formally giving birth to Caldari State.

At this point Templis Dragonaurs started to act. Ethnic violence engulfed Caldari Prime and Dragonaurs was in front of it. However, full-scale war still hadn’t started and there was hope for peaceful resolution… Before night of 14 January, when Templis Dragonaurs destroyed the underwater city of Nouvelle Rouvenor on Caldari Prime, leaving no survivors. After that war became inevitable.

Some state that Nouvelle Rouvenor attack was only an anti-gallentian act as such cities were builded by gallente for gallente and at this time was filled with gallentian refugees. Others claim that it was a well-calculated move as it left for caldari no way back into Federation. Possibly truth never will be known.

After the Gallente-Caldari War Templis Dragonaurs was declared a terrorist group and outlawed in the State as part of peace treaty. And still it was a victory for them: caldari got independence while Dragonaurs become the most well-known caldari nationalistic group and continued to grow.


Airko-Tensei Group

Field of Operations: Manufacturing, R&D, educational services
Chief Officers: Arelan Hemala, Noksuva Orvali, Timiko Sato

One of the numerous pocket corporations of Templis Dragonaurs, associated with 8th Dragonaurs Division.

While officially this corporation was formed by uniting quite minor Airko Industrial and Tensei Institute from Lai Dai, — not a unique event by itself, especially given somewhat complimentary nature of both enterprises, — behind the scenes there was a number of not-so-legal business deals, intrusions and even assassination to ensure the loyalty and obedience of new enterprise.

Somewhat notable feature of ATG is that this is more a corporate union without a clear parent company rather than usual holding. This gives a plausible deniability for operations of each member.

Main members of the Group are:

  • Airko Industrial: Ruled by Arelan Hemala, long-standing member of Templis Dragonaurs, this corporation was a starting point in Dragonaurs’ takeover of Airko-Tensei and still serves as the main bridge between Group and Templis Dragonaurs. AI manufactures consumer electronics, personal transport and limited amount of weaponry, thus working on material supply of the Group.

  • Tensei Institute: Governed by Noksuva Orvali, it plays the role of the scientific branch of the Group. TI work as corporate university, carry limited tube child program and study whatever curiosities are brought by corporate operatives.

  • Quantum Sea: Newest addition to the Group, this corporation is owned by Timiko Sato, capsuleer with strong ties to Templis Dragonaurs. Due to this, QS is utilized when legal restriction must be circumvented and when especially questionable operations must be carried.


Twin Serpent

Claimed to be based on figures from ancient Caldari mythology, symbol of 8th Dragonaurs.

Half bird, half serpent twin symbolize a universal messenger with one of heads being faced to the real world and another to the spirit world and bird aspect connected to the Winds and serpent to the Heart-of-the-Forest.

In line with Caldari art tradition, image is minimalistic and try to convey the message by simple forms, thus there’s no singular interpretation of symbol’s meaning. Some state that twin symbolize duality of Caldari people embodied by Civire/Deteis divide. Others see unfinished symbol of ethernity picturing centuries old struggle of Caldari for preserving the essence of their people against “corrupting influence of Gallente”. Third consider it to be a link between past and future, between Raata and Caldari.


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