Drifter refuses to target me

This has been on going for like a week now. I fly a golem friend flies a paladin to do some c5 ratting. I never get targeted by the drifter even when friends stop shooting him. He even went so far as to target friends drone but still not me. This happened several sites in a row.

Before this one I’ve flown with a whole group for 4 sites with 6 of us in marauders and this time had 1 other golem. Not one ship would target me. I even had them wait and warped into the site first got locked by the rats then had them warp in. As soon as they land I get ignored again.

Anyone have an idea of what gives?


I guess that means you’re secretly a drifter, buddy.


But would you, in their place, as a drifter, attack someone in Marauder while there may be easier targets to destroy?

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Have you been running missions for them?


Tell me pls, how I can run missions for the Drifters O.o?

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Is it possible to learn this power?

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Isn’t npc Arithmos Tyrannos a Drifter though?

4th Aug zkill shows you were attacked.

i like blue loot teach me senpai

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