Dripfeed vs Advanced Accelerator

Dripfeed 10 points 72 hours.
Advanced 12 points 24 hours.

Why not just sell the Dripfeed and buy Advanced here?

In case you want to go to the beach for the weekend and don’t own a gaming laptop.

Dripfeed becomes extremely valuable at the end of the event, when the Advanced will expire quickly and that will be the last boost you get, while the Dripfeed will boost you long after the event has ended.

And yeah, as above, if you are not around to keep consuming the Advanced, because life, then the Dripfeed wins again.


Dripfeed expires
2018.03.20 11:00:00

So their “Value” will go through the floor from 2018.03.14, and be worthless on the 20th.

I think a lot of people would go for the 10 point one just because it’s less hassle.
10 points - 900 xp/hour - 80 mil over 6 days - 129,600 sp - 617 sp per isk
12 points - 1080 xp/hour - 30 mil over 2 days - 51,840 sp - 578 sp per isk

Not checked on prices so perhaps I am really out on that.

You missed point of the post above: it has value up to expiration, b/c it can be activated just before expiration, and will then continue boosting SP/hr, even after you can no longer activate these boosters. Only activation of the accelerator is tied to the expiration date, not the length of the attribute boost.


if you’re lazy it’s easier to use the long lasting booster. And there is good value using the booster on the 19th or early on the 20th

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