Drone bounties

Is there a list somewhere that shows the different bounties for rogue drones? I’m trying to determine the values for drones that are killed when multiple drones are killed (different kinds of drones). I often to mining missions and kill upwards of 10+ drones, and the bounty shows that I killed x number of drones (perhaps 5 different drones), and the total for the bounty. I am trying to determine the value of each type of drone that I have killed.


Why? Seems kind of pointless in fairness. If you have to kill them, you kill them so it’s not like you’re going to waste your time only shooting some and not others. Although you might, people do weird stuff like that sometimes.

Otherwise, you could always not be afk then when they turn up click on them in turn and it shows you the bounty amount of each one. You could make a list and post it for other people to see too. If you wanted to bother ofc.

Check this 3rd party app, shows it was last updated on 2019-11-26:


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