Drone Site Standing Removed

Try killing the “real” Drifters in their home wormhole hive systems. See what that does for your standings.

I’ve sent in a support ticket some hours ago regarding not gaining standings from killing a Drifter in highsec.

o.oo1 with edencom and trigs every 10 mins for clearing their Hive, massively nerfed from a week ago

Im sure there will be a patch at todays downtime adressing this issue. CCP removed the gaining of standings yesterday prob just to get some breathing room so people can’t exploit. Weekend is coming, they can’t have this issue going in towards the weekend when players will be very active and actually play the game since the Pochven region is brand new and people are eager to get into it ! If none can get into it, then whats the point ?

i dont like how ccp handled such situations. we are just #idiotswithcreditcards for them.

CCP needs to revert the standings for people who abused this bug. It’s ridiculous that some people had to grind 100s of hours for what could be obtained in an afternoon with the exploit.

It is even worse that we cannot grind at all anymore.

Ccp said they fixed the exploit. Has someone tried to farm drone again, or sleeper ? They still said gaining standing from killing them is intended, so fixing the exploit mean we should be able to farm them again for trig standing

You get no standings from drones.

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Maybe they’ll add back the standing tomorrow then, they removed it in a patch maybe they can’t do it without updating the client

I seriously doubt that drone standings from K space will ever come back. Only the drones in Triglavia are meant to give standings.

Lol why
It’s like saying only the guristas in high sec give standing to caldari

And what about sleeper / drifter then

Because CCP is focused on Triglavian content - in Triglavia.

If it’s become possible to farm standing in triglavian space its still a win if this is not a 1000h grind without meaning
It seems like the npc in pochven are much more interesting
The only thing to look is the standing increased, no more 0.00001 standing change please CCP

But if they increase the standings boost then you will finish too soon.

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Well hell isn’t that enough to not get shot?

Reports of killing Hives are not promising, but I hope to look into it myself.

The Flashpoints inside of Pochven are likely going to be the best option after hunter down Orcas, but as of now that is bugged and I recommend NOT running the Triglavian side of the Flashpoint in Pochven until at least next Tuesday.

We have yet to test Cyno Jammers or Steller Observatories in EDENCOM systems, if anyone has that information that would be super handy.

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