Drones for Serpentis Anomalies

I’ve been looking for Vexor fits to run Serpentis anomalies and the curious thing is that none of them suggest the Hornet/Vespa. Given that those are the kinetic damage dealers, I’m perplexed. Should not those be the go to drones against Serpentis and Guristas?


You can use either really. Hammerhead/Ogre have more DPS and better tracking but hit the 10% higher thermal resists and are slower. This should theoretically negate the higher DPS. Vespa/Wasp are faster, hit the 10% lower kinetic resists, but have less DPS and worse tracking. Since they are faster, they reach targets sooner or you can recall them quicker to warp sooner to the next anom or to safety. This should in theory negate the slightly lower DPS.

I see. So like everything else in EVE the conventional wisdom is always wrong, lol.

Don’t forget to factor in that NPC hull has no resists, so if everything else balances out between thermal or kinetic drones against shields/armour, you’re still doing to deal more damage using thermal drones against hull.

If in doubt, do the math.

Thank you for your answers.

Pretty much, although one minor nitpick the caldari drones have better tracking, although for most NPCs that wont matter much.

Just did some quick math and it said the caldari drones would kill targets a few seconds faster. Factor in armor reps and should make the caldari drones another few seconds better.

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