Dshr-01h filament restrictions

Are there any restrictions to use dshr-01h filament?
jump or simple freighter can use it?
Can use in HW space?

Dunno what you mean by HW Space.

But that filament can only take you to a random icestorm system in highsec. There are separate ones for low and null. Note it also means if the icestrorm is in a highsec island in the middle of null it can land you there as well so make sure you carry more than one.

It does not state what ship you cannot use.

An educated guess: WH space.
Events and wormholes don’t match often, so I think they don’t work in WHs.

They do not. :slight_smile:

I was hoping for a more qualified answer on the official forum. Friends, it looks like you are answering questions that you do not understand. One answer is definitely false, about the second I strongly doubt. :slight_smile:

and, yes i mean WH (wormhole). typo

As Kane mentioned
This DSHR-01H Highsec Ice Storm Filament can transport one individual capsuleer and is configured to limit its range of destinations to volatile ice storms in high-sec space

No ship restriction it seems.

Rarely do we get qualified answers on mechanics other then figure it our yourself.

I doubt anybody at CCP fully understand some of their own mechanics and intended uses unless it actually says in it cannot do X. Crimewatch being a prime example, however, pop your head into a WH and see if it works.

Would be fascinating if it does work and an easy way to extract a freighter from a WH. I used these to move my stuff from Caldari space to Amarr space… Wanted to operate a bit out of there for the Holidays.

It has always been the players that for the most part seem to know more about the game than CCP sometimes do.


None of us is official in any way. Go read official patch notes.



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