Duels - Abuse of system

I’ll remember to grow a pair and shoot the logi that’s repping one of the two players who are dueling. I’ll have my Megathron with its Space Police SKIN on.

Absolutely, that’s why they lit up Yellow. They interfered with a Concord sanctioned fight-to-the-death. And that interference should cost them their Logi boat.

Duels are nothing more than baiting schemes to prey upon new players. They’re not that far removed from kill right/insurance scams either.

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The number of times i have wished “bystanders” would actually shoot the suspect … is quite large.

You say that like it was a bad thing.

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Looks like a great business opportunity for me. Don’t forget to tip that Megathron pilot. :slight_smile:

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This really should have been a thing long ago.

Go get 'em! : D

Best way to change the ‘cheat’ duel system is to build it like the abysmal dungeon, a sphere to duel in a timer that kills and only the 2 capsuleers.

How about no? Duels are used for more things than just scamming an useless PVP. In fact, Duels are way more important for freighters than those dumb Jita docking scams.

I know, It doesn’t matter to me because I never take duels myself too many Emos involved with others, as many people point out no honor in just having a good clean fight.

At the end of the day, treat it for what it is. A consent to fight. Nothing more, nothing less.

If a third party partakes, such as a dude backing up his buddy, that consent is not provided to that person, ergo they are in volation of the “law”. Law enforcement would of course be compelled to enforce the law.

The “law” in Eve states that the consequence is you are suspect and thus exempting yourself from the warm snuggly blanket that CONCORD otherwise offers you.

You may not be happy that the consequences are not more severe, but they are in fact defined and implemented. There is no abuse of the system, you simply feel that the consequences are not steep enough.

As for ship swapping… you’ve learned your lesson and now know that it can (and will) happen.

In terms of Duels, I don’t see much of an issue other than Logi interfering. I think it’s really fine. Plain and simple, don’t duel some1 you don’t know or know you’re going to lose against.

Now outside of Duels

CONCORD is responsible for making sure people don’t kill each other in High Sec.

This made me chuckle. Would murders happen more often if you killed some1 and the ONLY thing the police did was take your gun. In turn you just got another one and killed another person. This is how concord enforces “No killing in high sec”. Written rules, don’t warp out or get banned. Why not just disable warping for players aggressed by Concord. anyways off topic…

Back to OP. Go to null sec, every duel is fair, or at least you know what to expect.

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