DutchGunner for CSM 18 - Events, Highsec, Lore and more

Hello Everyone,

I am once again running for CSM. You might remember me from my previous campaigns or any of the public fleets I organised. This will be my 4th year of running for CSM and while I have not yet been elected, several of my suggestions have made it into the game:

  • When I first ran for CSM my platform was that CCP was missing out on a big opportunity as they were not the lore of EVE online. The last year we’ve seen a story driven delivery of content and a game setting that feels alive. This has helped greatly to provide content for new and existing players and provide clear objectives players can go after and get feedback of the results of their efforts;
  • Last year I proposed to not allow the anchoring of XL structures in highsec;
  • Last year I proposed to have people with -5.0 or worse security standing not be able to tether in highsec;
  • I have submitted multiple player presentations on the added value of group PVE to help newer players learn the game with more experienced players and we currently have the Homefront sites;
  • Last year, during Fanfest, I voiced my concern that people who did not want to participate in FW but still wanted to contribute to help the Empires would be left out. CCP covered this with the shadow war campaign.

Considering these results as someone not elected, imagine what I can do when I do get elected on the CSM. As a candidate my specialisation lies with events, highsec and lore as they have their own challenges and deserve a specialist to make sure things are addressed and implemented correctly. I would like to see a return of the abyssal proving ground arenas, seasonal and Empire events and continued story driven delivery of content. I believe that the game will benefit from more dynamic group PVE to challenge players and help increase the knowledge and understanding of what this great game has to offer. Chapter 1 and 2 of the Triglavian invasion are a great example and I would like to see the current Homefront sites be expanded on.

My EVE Online story
I have been playing this game since 2003, after reading about it in a gaming magazine and getting my hands on a hardcopy of the game. EVE was my first MMO and the only one that still has me hooked after all these years. During the many years I’ve been playing, I’ve done everything in the game except for scamming. I’ve spend months to years living and/or playing in the different parts of the game, making lasting connections and always finding new things to do and explore. The thing I enjoy the most though is working together with others players to overcome challenges and have fun at the same time. Highsec and the ARC alliance and community turned out to be the perfect fit for me as I am able to move around as freely as possible and participate in whatever (new) content CCP brings into the game with anyone else that is interested/curious.

Why I applied for the CSM
I believe EVE will benefit greatly from continuing the story driven delivery of content. Finding options and successfully creating story related events in the game and my real life experience with organising and (financially) managing larger LARP events for several years is a massive boon. It means I have experience with balancing different types of players and playstyles, making sure players are heard and have an enjoyable experience while ensuring a healthy gaming experience for all those involved.
Another reason to vote for me is that I am good at taking a step back and look at things in different ways and combine different ideas/suggestions for an optimal approach. With the lasting connections I have made over the years I will also be able to help prevent changes to one part of the game or not detrimental to other parts of the game.

What can you expect from me
I want to see EVE enter its 3rd decade as an amazing game that has a lot to offer to everyone. I have done my research and won’t be part of the CSM with a misunderstanding of what the CSM is and does. I believe EVE should be about risk + effort vs reward and that choices and actions should have meaning but not result in a crippled gaming experience. As an CSM member I will argue against blanket changes to address a problem if it causes problems in (multiple) other parts of the game.
I will be available to everyone in the game, regardless of where and how you play EVE. I regularly check Reddit, Discord and the official Forums and I will continue to do so. I will not be an invisible or unreachable CSM member.

If I could add/change on thing in the game
If there was one thing I could change in the game, I would add the shield equivalent of the Nestor and make it part of the EDENCOM ship line. This ship could add a lot of new and interesting options throughout the game and it is a much needed reward for those who sided with EDENCOM or want to choose their side or oppose the Triglavians.

General game changes I would like to see
• No pay to win items or temporary boosters;
• Don’t automatically extend/continue the game subscription after the selected period has passed;
• Reduce the cooldown for neural remaps to 1 month instead instead of removing attributes;
• Add more group PVE content such as the Sansha Incursions and the Triglavian invasions content during chapters 1 and 2.

Highsec specific changes I would like to see
• Introduce the option to improve Empire standings through navy tags, similar to the Security Standing. The cap for fixing your Empire standings this way should be 0.0 ;
• If the above option is implemented: no docking access to Empire NPC station if your faction/corp standings are -5.0 or worse.

Event specific changes I would like to see
• Bring back the abyssal proving ground arenas;
• Bring back the Empire and seasonal events;
• Make the points from completed event challenges be awarded automatically and also make the moving on to the next challenge happen automatically;
• Mining events should have their points reward for completion reviewed as it shouldn’t be that the lowest and highest difficulty both have the same reward.

EDENCOM & Pochven specific changes I would like to see
• Stop the Vorton Projectors to also hit indestructible objects or scenic objects like clouds;
• Increase the distance between asteroid in mining sites in Pochven. They can prevent ships from leaving after entering and are smashed together;
• Stop planets from decloaking ships while they are in warp;
• Fix the standing issues with EDENCOM and Triglavians for shooting wereposts and/or gunstars and have shooting them affect EDENCOM or Triglavians standings directly.


o7 I love sooooo much of this. Good luck with your run with year.


Pochven needs some mid tier pve content, right now its just large obs fleets smashing against each other. There isn’t much grass for the lower level crabs or the prey that hunts them.

It also desperately needs a revamp of the LP store.

Do you agree? And if practical would you advocate for these things?


The short answer to that is yes I agree and I would advocate for it.

Pochven is a part of the game that can be done solo, to an extent, but it really is about group content. I agree that Pochven can use more mid tier pve content but it can use an overhaul in general as it is in a really weird spot right now. The EDENCOM, Rogue Drone and Sleeper/Drifter combat anomolies are very predictable and provide a very poor reward compared to the Observatory Flashpoints that are also predicatble but far to rewarding. It really seems that outside of mining it is feast or famine in Pochven.

The seagulling in the Observatories was an issue that needed to be corrected but I stand by my objections to applying the Sansha Incursion mechanics to make it a zero-sum game for the best performing fleet. My concerns and warning about the Observatories becomming a big isk faucet and turning into a N+1 for the big blocks have turned out to become reality. While it is true that the observatories spark a lot of conflict, the losses still pale in comparison the the isk they generate.

The Wormhole combat encounters somewhat cover the mid tier PVE content but only those encounters with the highest difficulty. Having said that, there still is a big issue with the difference in difficulty between the EDENCOM, Rogue Drone and Sleeper/Drifter combat encounters at wormholes.

Having the navigation logs work as replacement for actual LP works well but the content of the Triglavian LP store certainly would benefit from a revamp.

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This man is correct in regards to Pochven as far as Im concerned. A revamp of sigs and the LP store, along with some dedspace sites or gated grids for smaller groups, would go a long way towards diversifying the region.

Dutchgunner would be a good choice for anyone imo


as another Trig candidate, let me mirror this opinion.
These are changes we ALL want.

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How would this logi ship work? Would it arc like the Edencom ships do now or would it be an aoe or like a normal logi ship? I think that there are very cool things you could do with this idea. You have piqued my interest with this and look forward to your response if you have the time.


I would like to see it work as a regular logi and no ‘chain logi’. The ‘chain logi’ would require too much development and balancing in addition to making the ship less worthwhile as you can’t control where the reps land in Wormholes, Nullsec and Pochven and can only somewhat direct it in highsec and lowsec.
It should at least follow several key things from the Nestor such as it is being slow, have low mass for a battleship, a small ship maintenance bay and a role bonus for remote repair amount and optimal range and falloff for remote repair and a resist bonus per battleship level.

@Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras I believe your reply was that you didn’t like the option to improve Empire standings through navy tags as it would kill an industry. I agree that it would limit some of the work for The Repair Plan to help people repair their faction standing, but it would not destroy it. Having the option to repair standings to 0 would help alleviate the worst of the grind, but there still is a grind and business to help people from there. In addition it would result in an additional demand for Navy Tags, increasing their value and price a bit. That way the services from the Repair Plan still have a place in the game.

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I admire your tenacity! May this year be your year :slight_smile:


Could care less about the repair plan. Im talking about the corp im with. USIA.

Your corporation provides a similar service of helping people improve their standings with NPC corporations and/or factions. As mentioned before, maxing the standings increase to 0.0 when using Navy Tags would maybe limit some of the business, but it wouldn’t destroy or remove it. It would simply help people get past the worst of the grind and provide additional use and demand for Navy Tags.


In consideration to your points.
There is much Abandonware in this game, that actually has massive effect on the standings of a player and his factions.

Completing all 3 Schools Career Agents…especially if you have done a MILINT Fast Standings Start will mean players can unlock Lv 4 and 5 Missions pretty fast. Careful application of the other schools can be used to further buff standigns.

There are also problems in game like the 0.3 standing strikes for shooting NPC structures inside missions, anoms, and DEDs.

Standing strikes for shooting a same NPC corp capsuleer. [This alone can discourage interactions and fights]

There are sites in which on can drop off Pirate Tags. Amarr Empire has two sets…one for Blood Raider and Sansha tags.

Standing Mechanics can be worked in a weird way and timed with Capsuleer Day Glamorex Boosters. This allows a player to maximize bonuses of special missions, epic arcs, career agents etc.

There are forgotten Lv 9 Standing missions in this game. And that my friends is a real slog to get to a certain point of that.

I am familiar with Pirate Markets buying Navy Insignias and Concord Insignias, yet nothing similiar to the Clone Soldier Tags in Concord Stations in Empire High and Lowsec.

The Arcing Logi concept…is intriguing…although from the MILINT perspective I would rather work on a system that uses specialized “arc extending” drones. Which would be useful in extending or shaping how the Arc interacts with a target field. Also figuring out other ways to “adjust vorton projectors” you can goof around with the disintegrators a bit more readily than the vortons.

Alot of your concepts are sound and within reason. Some might be diffiicult to implement due to internal CCP operational doctrine at this moment. Events and other items should be increased or added.

I remember when Sansha Incursion happened in Pochven. And was surprised it didn’t kick off a much larger and brutal response from the Trigs.

And we need explainations of the Angel Cartel and their connection to Abyssal Dead Space.

You have my vote (for the case other CSM candidates can vote)

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As another CSM candidate, I endorse DutchGunner as a great part of any CSM. I have flown with him for quite some time, and also sought after his expertise in the past in order to learn about some of the many areas of EVE in which he is knowledgable. He is fun to hang out with, has a good attitude and would contribute to any discussion about how to make EVE better.


I agree that there are things in the game that can help people increase their standings fast with NPC Corporations. But if you have bigger negative standings, being stuck with nothing but lvl 1 agents still makes it a really big grind. Especially if you have really low standings as that could mean that you won’t even be able to that as the Navy NPC’s will actively hunt you. Faction standings are even more of a issue in this regard.

Negative security standings used to be a grind between recovering negative NPC corporation and negative Faction standings. This was resolved with handing in tags and isk with the amount and type of tags and the amount of isk be directly related to your security standing and how much you wanted to improve it. And the effect is instant. I therefore think it is only fair and fitting that people can do the same with Faction standings up to 0.0 standings. It would certainly help people out that went all in on FW and would want to do something else without having to create an alt in order to do it where they want to. And my suggestion was to use Navy tags considering the current FW focus, but it could also be pirate tags.

Glamorax boosters are a big boon to help increase standings but they can only be obtained and used for a specific amount of time instead of always having the option.

Thankfully candidates are allowed to vote and they are allowed to include themselves in their vote. Thank you for your support, welcome to the race and good luck with your campaign!

Thank you for your endorcement and best of luck with your campaign. It is another year with really solid candidates with a lot of overlap in expertise between the candidates so it should result in a solid CSM.

Also may I point out DutchGunner there is an ongoing issue with standings.

The game only counts your “base” standings not your skill enhanced standings.

So alot of people are by default locked out of various F.W. and other activities due some issues with the standing interactive system not being clear.

0.0 base, yes gives you access but sometimes the game wont read that as 0.0 but maybe a slight negative. Eve wiki points this out.

While most activities do include effective standings, only FW, and trading (i feel like im missing one) use base standings

@DutchGunner would you back any idea mentioned below as CSM member?

  1. Insane idea - pay with PLEX in NES for extra dev time (yeah, I know you’ve already voted No)
  2. Quafe+ is from "biomass" (...or corpse reprocessing)
  3. Little things / Small QoL suggestions - Better Visibility Of Other Players’ PI Networks
  4. Little things / Small QoL suggestions - 13 requests for Stack Split enhancment since Jun’18
  5. Little things / Small QoL suggestions - PI KB-shortcuts for toggling between groups of structures

Would it be broken to shift to effective standings? For FW?