DX12 is now live on Singularity

Hi all

We have just enabled DX12 on Singularity. You will need to be using the latest launcher version.

If you have DX12 capable hardware, the game will automatically use it.

If you experience a problem in-game, we would appreciate a bug report (F12).

It would be great to see you tomorrow at our masstest. You can find details here: Mass Test on Singularity: Thursday, June 9th, 2022

For the best experience, we recommend making sure your GPU drivers are up to date.


Will it help to get feedback from non DX12 capable players from Sisi as well?

Yep, the more the better :slight_smile:


A bit of extra information on enabling DX12 and checking if it is properly used:

  • The launcher needs to be running the latest version (2057442)
  • DX12 is enabled by default on Singularity, if it is supported. You can disable it through the launcher settings, if you want to test something without dx12, for example if you want to compare something:
  • Your video card needs to support feature level 12_0, which is unfortunately not the case for the very first dx12 cards. Most video card manufacturers started to support 12_0 in 2015. You can check, if your card supports this, by opening dxdiag and checking the Feature Levels in the Display tab:
  • In the client you can confirm that DX12 is being used by opening the FPS Monitor through CTRL+F:
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