Launcher does not find directX 12

Have a problem with the launcher. I have updated dx9 to dx12 a month ago. dxdiag confirms DirectX version: DirectX 12. (Windows 10 Home)
But the launcher always gives the message that I am still using dx9.
Also I have no x to use dc9.
The game runs very slow.

nobody knows?

I use DX12. The launcher tells I would have dx9. The check box is unchecked.
Now after the update the client dos not start.


It is most likely that the GPU doesn’t support DX11 (feature level 11_0). You can check this by using GPU-Z and checking the value highlighted below:

It must be a minimum of DirectX 11 (11_0). If this is the case, the please file a support ticket under Technical Support so we can investigate with you:

can’t play eve anymore :frowning:

While its far from a great solution, if you have a decent connection and its available for you, you can use EVE Anywhere.

Youre really quite lucky you could ever play at all with onboard intel, its really not intended for much gaming.

so i am pretty much screwed aren’t I ?
and my eve career was just starting to bloom, had just finished training for a Golem :frowning:

Check on if the play in browser button appears for you, its worth a shot to see how it performs at least! Its not available in all countries yet I dont believe so you will have to check for yourself.

Same here.
Fortunatelly I have another PC but not all people lucky like that.

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