Eve doesnt load for me after yesterdays update

it updated fine on my laptop at work but my home pc will not get past the ccp logo before it opens the login screen…if i re-install will i have to go through all the mither of having to add my accounts all over again

if this is the case i can see this will be the end of me playing eve again for a while

Maybe because of this patch note?

The support for DirectX 9 has been removed. This means that the EVE client can no longer be started on PCs, which do not support DirectX 11.

Devblog → Improving The Foundation | EVE Online

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nope its a brand new pc with rtx 3080 so running 12 its not so much the re-install it more the half hour wait for each account add because you have to wait for ccp verification i cant be bothered with it got othe games i can play at home instead so just means eve at work while on dinner

got the same issue

reinstalling dosnt help btw

handy to know ill hold off reinstalling then

If your talking about the launcher not working this happens quite often for us Linux users when they do updates to it.

The secret to avoiding this is you can download an old launcher from a time you know it was working and when it asks to update the launcher you say no. (You have to do this every time you open the launcher) The game itself will still update and play fine even when you use the old launcher. You can also back up your launcher exe when you know it’s working so you can restore it to an older one instead of trying to download the old one.

It’s kind of sad that the launcher is the reason many people are having issues playing, not the actual game itself. I haven’t even seen any really noticable feature changes to the launcher throughout the many updates that break it.

I’m only posting this because reasons… I expect CCP to disable launcher option to use DX9 after removing the DX9 support.

But knowing CCP for a while, I think it’s a safe bet to point it out. I give it 5% chance of being the cause.

my 3rd week on eve…is this mgenerally how they update?..why have a test server?

Yep this is a typical CCP update.

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thank god for reddit fix on there and then the other link on how to find the new cache location to delete it got me back up and running

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Post the links to the fix for others please.

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