Improving The Foundation - Directx 9 Phase Out

Open the Launcher and click the little gear icon in the top right corner of the Launcher, click ‘Game Client’ and de-select / uncheck the option ‘Run game clients with DX9’.

That I did already, it does not work.

Well, DX9 shouldn’t be active as long as that setting is unchecked, might need to ‘Verify Integrity Of Downloaded Files’ in ‘Shared Cache’ of ‘Tools / Cache’ setting in the Launcher. After logging into the game, could also try ‘Clear All Cache Files’ in ‘Re-set Settings’ tab of Esc Menu…

Only other option I can think of besides submitting a Support Ticket would be to search the sub-forum Issues, Workarounds & Localization

Hope you find a fix and good luck.

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I tried your advice but it did not work.
Is it possible to deinstall on windows the old dx9?

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installing 11 or 12 should have installed over 9 or at least uninstalled 9 in the process. i would think

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Yes, windows info tells I have dx12.
I do not have anwer on my bug report. I made it correct?

If your videocard doesn’t support beyond dx9 it’s not going to work. So check which card you have and see if it’s compatible.

No, all Dx suites have support for legacy API.
It all fall down to driver support.

File a bug report via the Support site:

Wondering Windows 10 Pro is not in the Operating System list only Win 10.

Windows 10 is Windows 10. You license determines if it is Pro/Home/Enterprise.

So if you go from home to pro you can enable more features. Granted there are some downloads option for certain jurisdiction based on what MS is allowed to include in their product for each region.

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I use DX12. The launcher tells I would have dx9. The check box is unchecked.
Now after the update the client does not start.

Not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but Win7 is still awesome. /rant
Now, getting more to the point, it would have been nice if dx9 was kept on board, with a per launch revert to the recommended >=dx11 version, if only for the debugging benefit that it brings - not only once it helped more or less technically inclined people to help debug issues with the game, as far as I could tell from the forums.

You still haven’t mentioned what video card you have.

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Might be the graphics card you are using
I have the same problem here
I’m using an old laptop with Intel HD 3000 integrated graphics ( I am quite poor lol)
Although I have Direct x 11 installed the GPU doesn’t see it - Only compatible with Direct X 10.1 apparently.

Alas - no more EVE for me until I can afford a new laptop

I don’t think there is any idea of discontinuation of support for 32-bit programs anytime soon so I don’'t see why even bother

Thats exactly what a GM told me in the report.
Windows has dx12 but graphiccard only dx10.1 but will need dx11.

Thats not fair. CCP told it will stop for dx9, it was never said they also stop for dx10!

We must protest!
:rage: :rage: :rage:


I heard shooting fireworks at the Jita monument is the way to go in such cases.


I’m afraid EVE has never supported Direct X 10, so support wasn’t dropped for it at the same time as DirectX 9. Direct X 11 (Feature level 11_0) is currently the only Direct X level we support on Windows.

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You keep not mentioning what videocard you have, even though you’ve been asked repeatedly.

It’s almost as if you damn well know your vidcard is the issue but you’re avoiding that and are trying to make your problem somebody else’s problem. All while lacking the understanding that it really is your problem and no amount of… talking is going to solve it.