⚔️Easy Access to Pirate/Navy LP (HG Implants, Faction Ships, Boosters, etc) - for World War Bee II Use/Profiteering!

Whether you’re a participant in World War Bee II or a war profiteer, now is a good opportunity to stock up on navy/pirate goods since their supply will continue going down as their demand continues to rise - as will their prices. If you want to farm LP to access these goods, you’re going to need standings for high-level missions to farm efficiently, and if you need those standings but don’t want to waste time climbing up from L1 to L4, that’s where we come in.

From now until 20.11.01, The United Standings Improvement Agency [USIA] is offering a 34% discount on all Factional Warfare and 17% discount on all Nullsec corp standing increasing jobs.

What kind of goodies can you get from these LP stores?

Implant Sets

  • Amulet (Blood) - Armor Hitpoints
  • Asklepian (Serpentis) - Armor Repair Amount (subcapital only)
  • Centurion (Mordus) - EWAR Range
  • Crystal (Guristas) - Shield Boost Amount (subcapital only)
  • Edge (Syndicate) - Booster Side Effect Reduction
  • Grail (Amarr FW) - Radar Sensor Strength
  • Halo (Angel) - Signature Radius Reduction
  • Harvest (ORE) - Mining Laser Range
  • Hydra (Guristas) - Drone Tracking/Range/Falloff + Missile Flight Time/Explosion Velocity
  • Jackal (Minmatar FW) - Ladar Sensor Strength
  • Nirvana (Sansha) - Shield Hitpoints
  • Nomad (Thukker) - Agility
  • Savior (Angel) - Subcapital Remote Armor Repairer/Shield Booster Cycle Time Reduction
  • Snake (Serpentis) - Velocity
  • Spur (Gallente FW) - Magnetometric Sensor Strength
  • Talisman (Blood Raider) - Capital Emission Systems Cycle Time Reduction
  • Talon (Caldari FW) - Gravimetric Sensor Strength
  • Virtue (SOE) - Probe Scan Strength

Booster BPCs

  • Booster Slot 01
    • Blue Pill (Guristas) - Shield Boost Bonus
    • Exile (Serpentis) - Armor Repair Bonus
    • Mindflood (Blood) - Capacitor Capacity
    • X-Instinct (Angel) - Signature Radius Reduction
  • Booster Slot 02
    • Drop (Serpentis) - Turret Tracking
    • Frentix (Sansha) - Optimal Range
    • Sooth Sayer (Angel) - Falloff
  • Booster Slot 03
    • Crash (Guristas) - Explosion Radius Reduction

Other Highlights

  • Faction Ammo/Navy Drones (including Focused Void Bombs from Syndicate and Sisters Combat Probes from SOE)
  • Faction Modules (eg. Amarr/Caldari/Gallente/Minmatar, Syndicate - including bubble deployables, ORE, SOE, Thukker)
  • Faction Ships
    • Easier to get pirate ships at LP stores than as BPC drops
    • Includes faction capital ship BPCs
    • Some ships (or their BPCs) are exclusively found at LP stores (eg. certain Navy ships)
    • The SOE faction nullsec corp The Sanctuary offers several SOE faction goods, including ships, at significantly discounted LP prices compared to SEVE or Food Relief corps. Example: Nestor/Stratios/Astero BPCs are 33.34% cheaper (This corp also doubles as the Thera tradehub corp for broker/relist fee reduction.)

(While technically not a nullsec faction, Thukker has been included in the list above since normal-priced Thukker Mix jobs are priced comparably - a bit less - to discounted Nullsec corps and they have highly-valued faction modules.)

In addition to unlocking high-level nullsec missions, we are more than happy to offer advice on how to run them safely without getting ganked. We’ll discuss safe/effective/cheap fits to use, how to quickly warp away when emerging from gate camps, how to mitigate the “instant combat probing” technique (where combat probes may not even appear on your D-Scan to warn you of an incoming gank attempt), the importance of dropping weapons timers and ejecting if you are using T3Cs and know you are going to lose to a gank (keep drones passive!), etc. And, of course, we are more than happy to also help lower your broker/relist/reproc fees, unlock other missions/R&D agents and epic arcs, stop NPC diamond mining rats from shooting you, etc.

For more information about our services, or to discuss pricing, join the USIA Discord server and speak with one of the two USIA Co-Heads (Imiarr Timshae or Archer en Tilavine).

Disclaimer: The United Standings Improvement Agency [USIA] is not aligned with any alliance/coalition and takes no position in this war, and gives no favorable or unfavorable treatment to any party. The USIA Co-Heads are not aligned with any participants in this war.

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Is this like a Service?

I believe the term for an informative (service) advertisement is an “advertorial”. The pew-pewers need to know which LP stores have which armaments. They need to get those High-Grades from somewhere :wink: .

(I just noticed I posted in the wrong category, so I saved you the trouble and moved it over myself.)

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