Easy to impliment double weekend events

While Double SP weekends are nice I propose.
Double Signature / anomaly spawn weekends. (Twice the PVE / exploration fun!)
Double LP weekend (Get them running missions)
Double Rep weekend (Get that corp / faction rep up)

What else could be done for an easy weekend event?

I’d rather the devs spent double the time figuring out how to make the game fun again instead of paintjobs and shitposting on reddit

Double your ISK weekends (sponsored by Jita Dave–the best bankroll manager in the Forge).

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In before this thread turns completely toxic.

I like having weekend events. Especially if there is a lot of variety in the event type; it encourages people to go out and do something different. You can also make decent isk. I honestly think people get stuck doing the same thing over and over and wind up bored with the game.


But isnt that EVERY weekend? :grin:

Double jump weekend: All wormholes retain their same max stable mass, however their max jump mass doubles. Bowhead pilots rejoice!

Cornucorpsia Weekend: Every pod drops TWO corpses!

Starcrash Weekend: Every open Eve client uses double the CPU!

Ransom bumping weekend: Ask for twice the isk from whoever you’re bumping!

Double scam weekend: Make that contract 2bil for a gecko instead of 1!

Double Boing weekend: Receive two boings instead of one!

Wait. I always give two boings. Well meatloaf said 2 out of 3 aint bad


No. Go away.

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