ECM Balance Pass - November

But no ECM because it does nothing - especially in 1v1
ECM is broken

This fit only wins if you can get within scram range of a Cerberus - A fit that typically engages from range & moves to it’s optimal. Rook Vs Cerberus (1v1) the rook will always lose unless the Cerb pilot makes several unrecoverable rookie (pun intended) mistakes.

It’s not intended as a ship to face off against a Cerberus. I’m using the Cerberus as a comparator when fit for brawling. You could technically also compare it to a Drake I suppose.

Yes, No ECM because I’m not using the ECM bonus. I’m using the magical mid slots. Lots and lots of them!

Also, Rook has a Kinetic Damage bonus… not thermal. You have thermals loaded into your fit

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The OP was about improving the Caldari ECM class of ships - Great that they gave the rook more tank etc. but it’s a brawling close combat ship with ECM bonuses that no longer do anything.

Solo flying - I have tried but cannot see how you would fit an ECM module on to this ship to give it any positive function.

EDIT : Maybe if they changed the ECM drone to being only available to ECM bonused ships and certain industrials, then maybe you could continued to call it an ECM ship

If you use polarized HAMs, T2 Kinetic Damage Ammo. Purple BCS’s (x3) Augmented Hobs (x5) and the two best damage implants you get 1069dps when overheating your bays.

I Luv It !! - LOL - Well done, a 1000+ dps rook

3 billion ISK glass cannon is a bit rich for me … Wanna dual my Kestrel?

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It is 912dps if you want the resemblance of a tank. Given the price tag will put most people of but still it is very possible.

That is 912dps without enchanted or purple, enchanted ballistic controls.

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WoW… 912dps without officer mods … I wonder what rigs you have?

I’ll check your fit …Oh wait… you couldn’t post one.

Sometime back in 2018 you made some changes to ECM… when are you going to complete this work?

Also still needs work…

Any chance of anyone at CCP actually finishing something they start???

Possibly they could get away with it by ‘simply’ reversing all the range/strength nerfs that ecm took over the years (prior to it becoming !Abyss)… but i still think the griffin navy would be fubar… so will probably require some work :scream:



Anyone still out there?


Sad, I never use my solo rook anymore & the Falcon is now POS

The Falcon’s un-popularity has the benefit that she does cost less than the other recons.

Old Eve Forum - ECM Broke Discussions

An idea that I think should have a lot of support given the fact that it’s logically and realistically closest to how “Electronic Counter-Measures” are supposed to function would be abandoning its usage against sensor systems entirely, and reworking them as anti-electronic warfare platforms for specific modules.

Magnetometric ECM gets reworked to Disruption CM, reducing the effective range of disruptors and scramblers on enemy craft

Ladar ECM gets reworked to Stasis CM, reducing the effective range of stasis webifiers and grapplers on enemy craft.

Radar ECM gets reworked to Neutralizer CM, reducing the effective range of energy neutralizers and energy vampires on enemy craft.

Gravimetric ECM gets reworked to Command CM, reducing the effective range of command bursts.

Multispectral ECM gets reworked to Efficiency CM, increasing the capacitor cost of ALL electronic warfare modules.

This makes ECM ships the correct ships to use in fleets to COUNTER enemy ewar, which is technically speaking, what they should be doing, and currently bonused ships would benefit best from.

I decided to try and fly a rook again, and it would appear I’m better off using a navy caracal… which is kinda sad :frowning:

Maybe one day soon they will fix the crap fest that is ECM in its current form.


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I have seen the Rook is used to very good effect jamming at range inside FW complex’s. All the whilst not showing on D-Scan.
It significantly outperforms a single logi ship or single dps ship in this role. Keeping it’s friends alive whilst the target cannot attack them.
I have seen the Rook used to run FW missions in a pseudo ‘stealth’ mode too.

So much of this is situational.

  • Fully agree ECM in the current form is not satisfactory.
  • It does not need a buff though.
  • It needs to be reworked.

Ahh, yeah I meant solo, I didn’t specify that but the guy I quoted did, so figured it was implied, my bad.


You lost one more player due to this change.

So your first and only post was to say you’re leaving ? Why bother ?

Not only that, but it was about a change that happened… what, 6 months ago now? Clearly they don’t play much if it took them this long to notice.


:slight_smile: And the rest… last ‘update’ to ECM happened in Nov 2018… it was April 2020 when Kalaidar posted… maybe by Nov 2022 they’ll have some idea of how they’re going to finish what they started < crosses fingers > :anguished:


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