ECM sentry turrets

What if there was a new type of structure that acted sort of like a sentry turret but made everyone in the vicinity lose any and all target locks? This would be popular in spots where lots of ganking happens i think. It would certainly make life harder for gankers. Do you think life should be made harder for gankers?

is this a player deployable?

Ideally yes, although that could have unintended consequences that would need to be ironed out.

I’m sure that gankers would love that. Drop a few in an asteroid belt and watch the miners rage.

Probably a little bit. Strongly dislike this particular idea, and I will explain why.

Losing all locks stops one type of ganking, but not all. On the other hand this is a new type of ECM effect and is one which has several abusable mechanics, especially since unless the range is quite short, it can be put out to cancel out fleet fights and disengage far too safely.

Sure, if it ignored that ECM is an aggressive act and thus concords the source.

Yep, and then you can steal their jetcans with total impunity, since that’s only a suspect flag and then they can’t hit you.

The sphinx gate in Neverending Story (1984) was intimidating. It would be cool if the ECM sentry worked like that. So for the most part it was just idle but if something went down they would trigger. That is not excactly how the sphinx gates worked but its the same sort of deal.


So what i imagined is these sentries can exist near any stargate and station in high sec and are funded by players. They would be owned and operated by CONCORD or the given faction that lays claim to the system. But they would only show in places where players had funded it.


Maybe they should be at every gate and every station in high sec by default and fall under CONCORD or the given faction that claims the system and a relatively high standing would be required to gain the new and improved protection from these sentries.


Something else

Maybe you should learn just a few of the numerous ways that exist to avoid ganks instead of throwing out stupid ideas.
You want this abomination at Jita 4/4? What’s wrong with the insta dock/undock bookmarks the rest of us have been using for decades?
You want this in Uedama? What’s wrong with scouting the route or using mwd/cloak or even, gasp, not being in a screaming rush and waiting for a clear path?

Seriously, just learn how to avoid ganks. It’s not that hard.


The ways you have to protect against ganking leaves much to be desired.

And yet they’re almost 100% effective…


What should these guy have done? That ist just just a small portion of the ganks from today btw

Did you even look at those killmails you linked? The last one is some idiot who didn’t even fit his Orca. The first one probably had a suspect flag since his kill lacks the “GANKED” tag and he was clearly running abyssals. I don’t know what the Kronos necessarily did wrong but his fit sure is something.

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Orca was ganked for the luls in high sec. Not sure how you can support that. The gila gank is one out of many today

You asked what they should have done. “Fit your ship” is one of the things they should have done. “Run abyssals in a quieter system, especially one that doesn’t give you a suspect flag” is another.


The Gila shouldn’t be running Abyssals two jumps from Jita.
The Kronos could travel fit for cloak/mwd or brick fit for travel with extra Kinetic and Thermal hardeners and another plate.
The Orca deserved everything they got.


No-one deserves to lose a Orca or anything for that matter in high sec to a gank

They most certainly do if they can’t even be bothered to fit it.

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Not in high sec

“Well, like, that’s just your opinion, man…” The Dude, The Big Lebowsky.

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This you?

We’ve gone from “how could they not die” to “well they don’t deserve to lose it.” If you could turn hypocrisy into ISK you’d be rich enough to not care about gankers.

High security space should be high security. That seems reasonable

@Dark_Lord_Trump if you fit two cargo expanders to your orca you deserve to lose it? So if you fly an Orca and want to avoid getting ganked you should never fit cargo expanders in the low slots. I wonder why people do it anyway. Probably because the actual freighter sucks in most cases. But thats different discussion.