Edencom captured systems give boosts to miners


Found out recently that mining in EDENCOM systems have inherent mining buffs. So go mine there while it lasts! (13:43 in this vid shows the bonuses)

So do Triglavian Invasion systems.

You should give those a go.

Less nosey neighbours.

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thats kinda noice

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A beacon …
… for CODE and other gankers.

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To be fair, none of us seemed to have the foresight to predict that the game mechanics would allow for a massacre. If we had, that node would have collapsed.

True, but I couldn’t resist the Beacon meme :wink:

To be fair CODE has been visiting the invasion sites on a somewhat regular basis.
Flying bling comes with risk ofc.
As it should.

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If the people I’m playing with would have more time available …
… we’d be doing our part as well.

Already figured out some things to piss off people …
… but no manpower available to test on the field.

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the one thing I find fun, is that if CODE. sticked to their propaganda that highsec belongs to them, they should have defended it from being taken by some NPC entity (basically bunch of bots :P)

but no, actually they go in there and out of their way to harass defenders of those systems.

Like the Empires?

So the Empires then.

Glad we got that cleared up.

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lol ive been saying it would be a massacre before the event even started. that people would log in and continue normal activities of undocking or traveling through that system, and even stated that large alliances could have fed off of it.

imgine an alliance dropping 800 people off there at dt for the system flip to low

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ah riiight my bad, they keep spouting how CONCORD is their ally and validated their claim to high sec which is another NPC entity…

CODE. loves dem bots I guess :wink:

Bollocks is CODE. propaganda I was refering too. Maybe in the future don;t try to roleplay how concord is you ally, and all your losses to concord are “friendly fire accidents” if you want to not be ridiculed for actively pursuing removal of your “allied” presence from the high sec system, m’kay?

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Well, now they want to ally with TRIGCORD I guess

You make no sense. I am not CODE. I am BRAVE.

“if you want to not be” ridiculed was overal statement into the crowd, not directly aimed at You, Nicolai, sorry for the confusion :wink:

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