The Edencom ships seem like a horrible gimmick, like a shitty and cheap support actor for a B movie with a director who had a hard on for the star of that movie.

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Or friendlies.

Or do it like smartbomb battleships, make sure you can tank your own damage.

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If you are bored of gilas and rattlesnakes in pve…
I mean Thunderchild is good for missioning and Stormbringer performs very nicely in electic/exotic abyssals (shooting those pesky Ephialtes cruisers like a champ) but for their limited usefulness they are waaaaaay too overpriced at the moment.


With some re-work, EDENCOM ships could be amazing for breaking the normal anchor and shoot what you’re told meta. I think Asher said something about they might make a useful support fleet; but, I think they need some love.

Make it so they don’t hit drones and ships from your fleet and it improve their situation a great deal. They probably need some more love beyond that; but, it would be a start.

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Or make it so that drones do not count to the chain limit. Or a separate drone limit, say 5 ships + 5 drones.

Yeah, change it to anchor and shoot everything with one button.

How exciting

if i see someone running missions with a cruiser or bs… imma gonna get me a kill…

Absolutely. Skybreaker | Bill Rosenberg | Killmail | zKillboard

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Ummm wut???..!?