On today’s agenda is the POS of the video. This is a playing that is not well known yet.

POS can repel EDENCOM,Trig spawning from sentry guns 5000 km away with its inexhaustible shields and powerful POS turrets.

It is worth noting that the Fac standing of the pilots does not fluctuate with combat, because it is due to POS attacks.

Since Sisi is not currently available, I have a trig repelling tower set up somewhere in space. The same one is at a station in Amarr’s Edencom system. Their production of items would be higher.

Perhaps, but while both contents work fine according to the specifications, the age difference between the contents is almost 20 years, and they are certainly not made with each other in mind.

What is your opinion on this contents?

I will incorporate your input into support.

I mean, why wouldn’t a manned POS be able to shoot NPC’s?

Citadel can do the same but those can actually be damaged by trig NPC’s, pretty sure the standings hit also doesn’t apply either so its pretty much the same mechanic, with a POS you’re more limited to income compared to a roaming fleet that can go anywhere the trigs can spawn, this atleast means a POS can generate some basic income

The POS does not automatically shoot NPCs. The player must control the POS.

Earnings are higher at Marauders

The POS has an advantage in this regard, as it only needs 2 million SP to complete the skills required for the operation.

I am aware, hence my question, why wouldn’t a manned POS be able to shoot NPC’s?

Because that seems like a fairly intended mechanic to me

It also requires fueling and you have to get it in to position first and there is a considerable cost involved

Not really seeing an issue though

I can only say that it is so as a specification. I am also in the trial and error stage, so there are some things I don’t understand.

For a small tower, the fuel cost can pay for itself in a single RAT.

As for equipment, depending on the power of the ammo, Fac turrets are easier to hit and faster to take down than regular turrets.

Ama and Min are the leading towers to use; Cal and Gal have been useless.

It would be pretty awesome if the NPCs launched a massive attack that could actually damage your stuff. If you managed to beat them back, you could grab all the loot for yourself. The question is, who would take the standings hit in this scenario? :thinking:

Theres lots of emergent gameplay interactions like this. For example, being able to belt rat in lowsec with a shuttle to get the good spawns, and then farm the faction drops. 20k ISK for a shuttle, no skills required.

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About your reply, yes people would be able to do that if they are smart and if they invest in the Tower, Guns, fuel, modules for the tower and make them war deccable… the investment is not just a shuttle my friend :smiley:

Also, this is already going on in Pochven on and on as you know, rats in Pochven are in parma war and peple are pretty much scooping up all that loot and banking ISK and building their war fleets

So, why the op’s thread is not valid? I think it is very valid, it is in fact an official thing already, but right not only Pochven has this

Added a video to the post. It can be repeated as many times as the number of sentrie installed in the station.

As you can see in the video, when the POS attacks the sentrie, the TRIGs all attack the POS at once.

However, they cannot chip away at the POS’s shields because they retreat after about 20 minutes of combat.

I don’t have an answer for that either.

The POS itself may be difficult to fix, since it is a product of rumored lost technology.

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I didn’t say it was invalid. I simply added another case to OPs where Trig/Edencom intersects existing game mechanics and they can be used/abused for personal gain while mitigating risk and mitigating consequences. All valid.

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This is cool, maybe CCP should do a rework in the towers and launch a new era for towers, so some things can be addressed

What bugs me is that I lived in these towes in the past and only people from the corporation of the tower could access the hangars, but other people could warp into the bubble. So we had to juggle alts just to handle ships and ammo to ourselves. It was a chore of a chore, as many things in EVE are… chores of chores so you can do the other chore

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Consideration TRIG: In HighSec, Trig sentry turrets are often eliminated from in front of stations due to combat with NPCs. Thus, there are few viable locations, and it is difficult to execute because it competes with the existing MarauderRAT.

So LowSec is also an option. Here, too, there are few viable locations, but it could benefit the player group. And there is a possibility that fighting could occur there.

Note that although many Trig sentry turrets are installed in Pochven, it is not possible to anchor a POS in Pochven due to regulations.

Consideration EDENCOM: There are many HighSec fortress systems, and EDENCOM sentry turrets are always present at the stations. There are also fewer existing RAT players, so the number of viable star systems is far greater than Trig, making it more suitable for POSFARM.

However, even if the POS is wardec, it can be removed before the battle and the operator can avoid the risk. If users give up putting risk on POSs and these POSs become operational in all EDENCOM star systems, the market price of the items produced will plummet. And EDENCOM may not be able to resist New Eden’s Trig.

Sentries can be destroyed by using powerful battleships and require days to respawn.

Based on the impact this contents will have on New Eden, you can all offer your opinions.

I will think about it too.

That’s an exploit imo.

So POSes are just… here forever and still a viable option.

Good to know.

No more an exploit than 25-man broadcast-input fleets.

cough Kusion cough

The experimental POS was running smoothly. However, we began to notice a slightly worrisome behavior.


The POS module and the central monitor flash intensely when the module is deselected during activation of the module for POS.

The cause is unknown. We are not sure how it is affecting our system and would like to refrain from further POS operations.

It remains difficult to modify the POS itself, and changes to the contents may require adjustments to the TRIG and EDENCOM specifications.

This is how you farm with thunderchilds.
Using POS may be a better alternative indeed. :thinking:

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Long time no see.

Although I pay attention to the market price of the items produced, it is difficult for me to determine if these POSRAT are affecting the market.

Pick up the market price of the items produced. Each is a salvaged or dropped item that is particularly valuable.



If you want to run a POS in HighSec, you need a certificate of authorization from that empire. However, it seems odd that the empire’s defense forces are being overrun by POSs authorized by the empire. I am curious as to how the empire views the current situation surrounding POS.

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