Edencom vs Kybers Only PvP

I think that a new filament needs developed that allows Endencom and Kubers to duel in an Abyssal or Edencom site. You would need to hold a certain standing with either faction of .5 in order to access the site.

Once in the site you would compete against the other side. The victor gets ISK, LP and possibly a high value BPC, Trig or Edencom implants that only work with Trig or Edencom ships, and possibly sec status increase or decrease in the system being fought in.

The site would appear on the Overview as Trig or Endencom and would last for 30 minutes.

If no one from the opposing side fights and the system is .5 for example the system would increase by .10 to a .6 system for Edencom and would reduce by .10 for the Trigs.

Only three filaments could be used in a system per week.
Ships would be cruisers and below and up to 3 v3.

I like this idea but for Wardeccers and their targets.


I smell farming

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The idea is to get more PvP action between Edencom and the Kybers to determine sec status of a system as well as the PVE mechanics.

Total war has finally come to New Eden, no one will be safe, anywhere.

You can do all that jazz without any of the ISK/LP/rare-reward stuff.

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I will side with Archer, sounds farmish.

Wait, I thought Edencomm loyal capsuleers did not PvP?

I think a new Filament needs developed that allows forums posters to boosh posters and their ridiculous ideas straight to the garbage bin without the need for a “no, go away”

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