Edward ‘Mantel’ Adams – Psychological Evaluation February YC119

Crimson Serpent Syndicate Facility ‘Fortress Asakai’

Assessing Psychologist: Enver Kashima Psy.D.

Edward ‘Mantel’ Adams Date(s) of Examination: 14th January YC119
Case no. 85,678 16th January YC119
Date of Admission: 13th January YC119 Date of Report: 17th January YC119


Given the nature of appraisal information and the potential dangers of its misuse, this report should be kept confidential and its contents restricted to those who have direct responsibility for decision making. This Fitness-for-Duty Evaluation (FFDE) should not be shown to or discussed with any individual without first considering the findings enclosed, the potential benefits, and the ways in which the enclosed data may be misunderstood or misinterpreted.

Purpose for Evaluation:

Edward Adams, callsign ‘Mantel’, is a Commander and Corporate Director within the Crimson Serpent Syndicate private military company, a position he has held since transferring from the Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive in YC118.

This is the second non-routine admission for this twenty-eight year old, single, male Deteis capsuleer currently employed by the Crimson Serpent Syndicate as a military officer and director with one year and two months service. Superiors expressed concerns over the conduct of Commander Adams in regards to his behaviour during flight operations in Black Rise as part of system stability patrols and a noticeable increase in aggressiveness and irritability towards colleagues and strangers when off duty.

Fellow Commanders within Heiian Fleet Command filed a report concerning his abnormal behaviour to the Alliance directorship to review his flight status and suitability in regards to his role as a prominent official within the Conglomerate. In particular, Director Jennifer Maxwell made it known in a personnel report to the human resources department that Cmdr. Adams’ conduct was out of the ordinary to his usual character, and that action must be taken immediately. Upon review of the report, it was determined by the directorship that intervention was necessary to placate the concerns of the staff and to evaluate Cmdr. Adams to ensure that he was fit and able for duty.

Cmdr. Adams was encouraged to attend psychological evaluation outside of routine screenings to assess the continued suitability and capability of the pilot to continue participation in flight operations and to review the status of their mental health and the effects of combat stress upon it. Agreeing to the evaluation, Cmdr. Adams was referred to corporate medical services on the 13th of January YC119 and scheduled his first evaluation for the following day on the 14th of January.

For additional information, please contact the human resources department of the Crimson Serpent Syndicate private military company.

Assessment Procedures:

Review of prior psychological examinations.

Review of prior medical records.

Review of personnel records of the subject.

Interviews conducted with individual squadron members concerning the behaviour of Cmdr. Adams on flight operations.

Clinical interview conducted with Cmdr. Adams over the course of two days from the 14th to the 16th of January, consisting of two hours per day of verbal communication.

Background Information:

Family History -

Cmdr. Adams is the only child of Wilhuff and Hana Adams, the former a retired naval officer and current customs agent in the Itamo solar system and the latter a scientist employed by Mantel Global Industries, confirmed deceased in the Malkalen Incident of YC110. Reports suggest that the marriage was a happy one and that he enjoyed a close relationship with both parents, despite maternal disapproval of the subject’s choice to pursue a career by accepting an offer for officer training at the State War Academy. Records also indicate a fairly strong bond with the paternal grandfather and grandmother, often spending considerable amounts of time with them when his parents were either deployed or on business. It is deduced his desire to enter the Caldari Navy was cultivated through this experience. Cmdr. Adams’ childhood was typical of most State children, attending educational facilities, participating in extra-curricular activities and fulfilling compulsorily military training for two years commencing at age 13 before being selected for officer training upon conclusion of training at age 15.

Medical History –

Cmdr. Adams’ medical records suggest that, apart from a few minor illnesses and one major case of exposure/frostbite suffered on a training exercise during his time at the State War Academy, his overall health is in an excellent state with no major surgeries or incidents on file aside from the aforementioned. Subject consistently maintains peak physical standards and meets minimal requirements with ease, as to be expected with a State citizen and a graduate of the capsuleer programme.

Prior Educational History –

Edward was enrolled in one of the corporate educational facilities on Itamo IV for his preparatory years from age 6 to age 13. He completed this tenure without incident or failing classes. Noted interest in historical affairs, particularly military and naval history concerning the Caldari State/Gallente Federation. Upon reaching adolescence he was accepted into the Itamo Military Academy to complete his two years of service, performing above and beyond what was expected of regular conscripts of his age by excelling at tasks involving leadership and combat exercises. He distinguished himself as a team leader and an expert marksman, as well as a noted charismatic personality that resonated with fellow conscripts that were partnered with him. Shortly before turning 15, State War Academy and Caldari Navy officials selected him as part of a group of elite students to attend the Academy for officer training. Upon being identified as capsule-compatible and in sufficient physical and mental fitness to undergo the training, he entered the programme operated by the SWA and graduated after four years training in YC110.

Mental Status Evaluation:

Commander Adams arrived on time for the first and second sessions, dressed and groomed immaculately as well as appropriately wearing his Heiian dress uniform. He appeared to be of above-average height for a State citizen, as well as possessing a fair complexion. His most notable facial feature is his moustache, neatly trimmed and in line with regulations. This individual presented himself as a straight-forward, honest individual that, whilst at times appeared to come across as pressing and argumentative, shared his opinions, observations and thoughts without hesitation once assured of doctor-patient confidentiality and after a rapport was developed during the session with this examiner. It is of the opinion of this examiner that whilst it may come across as coercive to an extent, it is by no means the result of any malicious intent on the part of Commander Adams and is most likely a by-product of the working environment dealing with other members of the capsuleer programme.

Cmdr. Adams described himself as professional, by-the-book to an extent although he confessed a tendency to bend the rules when he saw it advantageous and justifiable to do so. Personality-wise, he stated that he is easy-going and cheerful, although he will quickly adopt a more serious tone and demeanour if it is required. Additionally, he considered himself to be fairly outspoken compared to his colleagues, declaring himself a ‘maverick’ when it came to foreign affairs such as the relationship between the Caldari State and the Gallente Federation.

Cmdr. Adams’ concentration, memory and motivation appears to be within normal limits for a Deteis Caldari, reflected in his conduct during the examination. His speech was clear and concise during discussion over the root cause of his conduct in the workplace on issues stemming within corporate culture and diplomacy with the Caldari Militia Coalition. He appeared to be of above-average intelligence and presented himself with little hesitation, with a good degree of self-confidence and an assuring manner reflected in his tone. Whilst he came across as genuine, it is noticeable that his style of speech is most likely a result of honing his oratorical abilities.

When enquiries were made into the allegations made by officers, in particular Director Maxwell, from Heiian Command he was quick to assure the examiner that there was nothing that his fellow colleagues had done to instigate his recent behaviour. Cmdr. Adams discussed his recent involvement candidly within the Youil Offensive of YC118 and subsequent pacification and stabilisation operations throughout January. Observing, it was noted that he had not taken rest and relaxation for at least a period of two to three weeks, being involved in constant operations leading his squadron on the frontlines. When asked on how his interactions had potentially changed from the beginning of the offensive to the present day, he admitted to his patience having become ever shorter with the passage of time, especially with some of his fellow pilots within the State Protectorate. He spoke of at least one argument over differences of opinion regarding implementation of battle doctrine that a month ago he wouldn’t have dreamed of entertaining.

What was most revealing during the sessions was when the examiner enquired as to the state of Cmdr. Adams’ personal life as to whether any incidents occurred that could cloud his judgement. Initially evasive and dismissive, with growing heated emphasis on redirecting the conversation back to workplace issues, he eventually complied with the request after being reminded of doctor-patient confidentiality and reassurance that any admissions would be dealt with objectively and without judgement on part of the examiner. Cmdr. Adams admitted to being involved in a romantic relationship with a Federal citizen residing in the city of Voxam on Aetree IV, employed by the Voxam City Police Department as a Detective Lieutenant. Upon further questions, Cmdr. Adams demeanour notably shifted from his previous confident and collected persona to a more solemn and saddened individual. His responses were still direct, but slower and more inhibited than before. When posed with the concerns that this relationship dissolving had affected his judgement, Cmdr. Adams believed that combined with the demands of combat operations it had, although expressed his vehement belief that being involved with the latter was keeping himself ‘in one piece’ in his own words.


Upon reviewing the results of the psychological evaluation, it is clear that Cmdr. Adams is suffering from combat stress due to significant involvement with combat operations without adequate rest and relaxation periods over the course of two months. He is also experiencing a mild form of depression caused primarily by the loss of an individual he was involved with romantically, manifesting itself in reckless and self-destructive behaviour in combat operations and affecting his daily routine when off-duty. As well as this, disagreements on corporate policy regarding interactions with the Caldari Militia Coalition have taken its toll and have left him dangerously close to burnout. This has resulted in the loss of several frigate-class vessels in various engagements of dubious tactical value and questionable judgement, as well as frequent altercations with colleagues, staff and civilians alike. Findings contained within this evaluation are consistent with the report filed by members of Heiian Fleet Command regarding his professional conduct.

It is my recommendation that as of this current time Cmdr. Adams is not fit for duty in his current state of mind and his flight status be suspended effective immediately. Reducing his workload to administrative duties are highly advised to prevent him from incurring unnecessary loss of material and life and to take a step back from the stress of frontline operations. Furthermore, it would be beneficial if Edward was granted leave of absence to resolve the underlying issues that plague him to reduce the likelihood of relapsing back into the current behavioural state.

Records from Cmdr. Adams’ interactions with subordinates and superiors in the past month represents a departure from the professional standards that are outlined in corporate policy and expected of from all employees. Whilst differing opinions are tolerated and should be considered, consistent incidents involving disputes with fellow corporate and allied colleagues can decisively impact the understanding, attitudes, decisiveness and ultimately performance of all pilots currently engaged in combat operations. Therefore it is imperative that Cmdr. Adams be reminded of the importance of complying with established rules and regulations and that any proposed changes should be discussed with the rest of Heiian Command as part of constantly developing the highest standards for the corporation.

Despite his agreement with the individuals that reported his behaviour, it should be imperative to those higher in rank to Cmdr. Adams that the circumstances and rationale for the reporting should be made clear to them in order to take any concerns regarding the mental health and wellbeing of our employees and officers are a priority, not only for Cmdr. Adams but for those under his command. Any further incidents that lead to reports should be immediately brought to the attention of the Human Resources department of the Heiian Conglomerate for further review.

Additionally, resources should be made available to the Commander to assist him in managing stress levels in the workplace i.e. professional courses. His current state of mind is not of a permanent nature and must be approached as an obstacle to overcome through outreach and support from the corporation as well as his social circle, the latter of which it appears he is beginning to do so based on his testimony within session.

Finally, further interviews should be conducted to assess the long-term impact of this on the subject’s competence to perform his duties adequately upon the conclusion of the recommended short-term remedies to alleviate the stress and grief that he is experiencing. Cmdr. Adams agreed to repeat the fitness for duty evaluation in one month’s time after medical leave is granted, in preparation for his resumption of duties and restoration of flight status.

It is recommended that the CEO and Alliance Executor of Crimson Serpent Syndicate and Heiian Conglomerate review this report on Cmdr. Adams immediately and that a copy be placed in his personnel file for future reference.

Enver Kashima Psy.D

Consulting Corporate Psychologist

Confidentiality Note: This report is intended for use only by the individual or entity to which it is addressed and may contain information that is privileged, confidential, and exempt from disclosure under applicable law. If the reader of this report is not the intended recipient or the employee or agent responsible for delivering the report to the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, please contact the sender immediately and destroy the material in its entirety, whether electronic or hard copy. Thank you.


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