Effects of Awoxxing in the pirate factions?

I’m honestly not sure what that answered, but i do appreciate the response

That was sarcasm about decent folk , although there are some


You’ve asked if friendly fire has consequences while aligned with pirates, haven’t you? The marked statement says you may be kicked out from pirates faction if your standing drop too low.

I have asked EVE support what happens when same faction aligned players shoot each other and here is what I got (quoting anonymously with GM permission):

"You can quote me on what I said above but please do so anonymously. A little extra I would like to add is that of course if you engage the other pirate faction, you will lose security status and standings towards that pirate faction, not your own!

It appears that we do not have any article referencing this but I can tell you how it works! While friendly fire is in a sense “allowed” and shooting your friends is not against the EULA, if you do so, you will take a standing hit which decreases your standing to the faction you are in. Doing this a few times can bring you standing below 0.0 (me: for pirates it’s -2.0) which will result in your character being kicked out of that specific faction.

Guristas and Angels are not aligned with each other so any engagement between them would not result in a standing loss but a security status loss if engaged in a low-security space"

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