Effects of Awoxxing in the pirate factions?

Under what circumstances do you take standings losses while in the new pirate factions?

It seems that “friendlies” are shooting each other all over the place.

Just curious

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Isn’t that just good pirate RP?


Sure, but there should be a downside too

That’s why yall not as big as the empires if you just kill each other lol.


downside is the standing loss ! but mybe the gain is bigger then the loss ? so why should it be worth to cry on forum about some awoxer ?

Is there a standing loss?

I think there is. During Havoc mass-test in October I joined Angel Cartel and I lost my standing a little when there was some mix up lol. So if min standing is -2.0, so theoretically there is some patience threshold beyond which one is disowned by pirates. But probably you have a second chance with the other group :stuck_out_tongue:

Also this has the potential for content , I have seen some groups we used to hunt join a pirate faction . All we needed to do is join as well and we can kill them too.

So the self-proclaimed white knight anti-pirate anti-ganking good guys of New Eden officially join a pirate organization then they betray even that by awoxing their fellow faction members. :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue:


Where are the anti-pirates fighting for suppression?

I mean that question sincerely: anti-gankers and anti-pirate forces don’t even need to join the faction war militias in order to do some of the sites and kill some of the key NPCs.

I have seen none of these self proclaimed police forces / white knights / „good guys“ get involved in the Min/Amarr warzone.

It’s almost like they only want easy kills on criminal ships, or slapping multiple target painters on a ball of criminal ships.

It’s happening all the time in fw most have list of known people to watch for

It it still awoxing if your target is a known awox , ganker , criminal. And just using the pirate faction to get kills outside warzone ?

Technically it is still awoxing, yes. :smiling_imp: :popcorn: :innocent:

Technically we ganked in the past , only gankers died so I’m ok with technically , I’m sure people here aren’t going to nit pick as most are decent sensible people :face_with_hand_over_mouth::shushing_face:

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Sounds like an excuse to hide the fact you are an awoxer and self-admitted ganker. :smirk: :popcorn:

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Btw are you going to play vanguard, we can all meet up there hehe, hope I can make my character look like me

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We’ll see. Was a long time I’ve played FPS games and my PC is a bit old by now so not sure it could even run it properly. I also lack free time nowadays so that is a limiting factor as well. But I might, we’ll see.



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It seems wartargets can freely engage each other with no penalty. Not sure about other circumstances

OP I’ve found an official answer to your question:

there is penalty

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At least for angel…no. I don’t know what gurista is doing.

Known team killers are free fire and won’t get you crap for it.

With side best practices some have organized to the point awoxing may apply to corp they are in. Some crews it be dropping them before they drop you. First night of this enough in fraternity were crapping this up you could probably shoot first off that association alone and be fine. If decent folks there…well it sucks to be them.