Eggerz™ '23 lineup announcement!

Hello New Eden, your friendly neighborhood toymaker here! I’ve been away a few years, so forgive the lack of communication on my part.
I’d like to announce the All New Lineup of Eggerz™ Brand Action Figures for the year YC123! (next year is 23, right? I feel so old!)

Staying put:

Mr. Mittenz: He’s strong, he has white hair, and he rules with an Iron Fist! The Fearsome leader of The Empire, Mr. Mittenz is back for revenge against his enemies!
a picture of an action figure that is blatantly meant to look like GSF CEO, The Mittani, except with a longer nose and bloody Mittens on his hands is shown
Pull the string, and hear from over twenty different phrases, including:

  • Twist the Knife!
  • Join Sigs 'n Squads!
  • Become the Crisis

LegendGodProMan: A true god amongst men, the leader of the Blue Bagel is back, and better than ever! Can LGP lead his people to a promised land? Or will the evil Mr. Mittenz’s campaign of vengeance go unchallenged?
A picture of an action figure in a cloak, who is obviously Famed AT Commander and TEST leader, Progodlegend, is shown
Pull the string to hear over twenty different Phrases, including:

  • CHARGE! Start pulling Keepstars, quick!
  • Would you like to buy a T3C?
  • We won the isk war

Combine with the Tower of Legends™ Playset (sold seperately) for hours of fun! Comes with it’s very own Tengu-class strategic cruiser!

Bily: The fearsome commander of the Blue Bagel’s forces! The natural enemy of The Empire’s Mister Bee, Bily is back!
A picture of a female action figure with a striking resemblance to Test FC Vily is shown, inside what appears to be a Komodo-class titan

  • Comes with it’s very own Komodo-class titan!
  • Over sixteen phrases!
  • Realistic running away action!

Back, by popular demand:
Valerie Vampire: The evil mistress of the Sani Sabik Cult has returned, with a thirst… FOR VENGEANCE!
A picture of an action figure suspiciously like Valerie Valate is shown

Alditch Shootah: The righteous Lord, standing against the evil Sani Sabik
It’s Aldrith Shutaq. He isn’t even trying anymore.

Bodysnatcher Drone: The evil Bodysnatcher menace returns! Can our heroes unite to stop them?
It’s a drifter.

All-new for YC123:

Sasha Sahara: Mistress of the mysterious Dybernauts! Comes with her very own Leshak-class battleship!
An action figure that’s not quite like Sahara Jackal is shown, in a little Leshak

Not-Plius: Once a heretic, now a True Believer! Has he truly turned away from Valerie Vampire’s wicked ways?
this picture makes no effort to hide that it’s Nauplius.

Mother Delve: The very soul of Delve herself! Watch her heal in real time!
An animated gif of a female action figure on crutches with bruises everywhere, and the bruises magically disappear

Father Delve: Please they are making me write descriptions again I need help.
A picture of an action figure of Capsuleer Father Delve

Scare-City Playset: Due customer outcry, this playset will not be part of our YC123 Lineup


I approve. I’ll be in touch for an order for my kids. I’m sure Marcus will love an Alditch Shootah


A false name? Come now, I am not trying to hide my heroic deeds. Certainly not.

But trying to To rid the cluster of evil?

Until I draw my last breath.

Wait. Am I getting royalties for this?


Outstanding. I’ll take a bulk order of 10,000.

Please deliver them to the following address:

Edward “Mantel” Adams
Nadire Security Consultants
Astrahus, “The Last Light”
Colelie, Algintal Constellation
Sinq Laison


I’ll be making an order too.

Shame there isn’t a Commander Cormorant Action Figure? I think I would of bought the entire stock day one!

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Technically, because it isn’t you, just someone who looks a lot like you, you don’t get any royalties. That being said, if you’d like to license your name officially, Ms. Littleton would be happy to hear from you.

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I’ll take one Alditch Shootah and 3 Sasha Sahara, if I can get a pack of needles as well that would be lovely

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I forgot to mention, they are available in toystores everywhere! Except Amarr space, where we are still banned.



That’s Doctor Vampira, thank you very much.

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I suppose I shall not lack for targets to practice on. I was getting a little rusty, perhaps this is an unintended favour you have rendered me.

If anyone would like to lend me a hand in disposing of ten thousand action figures, please let me know.

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I’m pretty sure the twins could find a way to destroy/burn/explode them.

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Can I get a bulk order of 15,000 of each to be shipped to the Rabbit’s Warren Fortizar in 6NJV-8? Thanks


For resale or personal ownership?

One of each for personal ownership, the rest for non-profit resale to citizens of Dam Vishen, and maybe a few thousand will be sold to Gurista-owned companies

Send a message to Cassandra Litleton, she’ll get it sorted.

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