Eject from your pod

Just an idea. eve has always sought to look bigger and bigger with supers and caps and citadels.

why not eject from your pods and fly around with a jet pack. could segway into new meaningful pvp, pve, even industry concepts or ideas. mine precious gems with modular hand tools. defuse a bomb in a mission. shoot pirate boarding parties. be part of a pirate boarding party. Spray paint graffiti on your favorite station. for those rare occasions when two ships kill each other in a duel, eject from your pods and have yourselves a tie breaker.

Right click self destruct hit OK.


What is this Warframe?? Elite Dangerous??


I WISH :rofl:

This is the most complex MMO currently on the market. (Unless anyone know of anything else.) If it’s not here it will not be ANYWHERE else. I will say that with confidence. Anything else is either single player or an unfinished game like Star Citizen. :laughing:

I mean if you can go to CCP games and offer to buy them out and contribute hundreds of millions of dollars you can make this dream come true for all of us! :slight_smile:

Usually don’t get this harsh to OPs but man that made my day.

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Just to clarify, im not talking about fps super high quality. I mean literally the same mechanics as point and click and target lock like you would fly anything else. You could even use the same fitting window to customize suite and load out. Shouldn’t take 100’s of millions to re-skin a pod into an action figure with a tiny jet pack and small arms/tools. The game could just use some more stoopid fun shenanigans is all im saying lol.

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