Elder Fleet a Khanid Kingdom black operation?

Was the Elder Fleet actually a Royal Khanid Navy covert operation ?

This is the explosive question asked in an anonymously written document circulating in some parts of Federation and Republic space.

The document claims that the whole Elder Fleet was an operation carried out by Khanid Kingdom forces, as part of a grand scheme by King Khanid to become Amarr Emperor.

It also implicates many other figures, including Maleatu Shakor, Empress Catiz, and Empress Jamyl.

The main claim is that the “Elder purge” of Republic politicians and officials, was in fact carried out by Khanid Kingdom agents, in a scheme to gain favour with Empress Jamyl, and allow the Kingdom’s readmission to the Empire.

Astonishing !

The central argument claims that the “Elder Fleet” was in fact built in the Khanid Kingdom, and crewed by mass-cloned people of Minmatar appearance, who were actually Khanid Intelligence agents, which is why nobody in the Republic had seen any of these people or their markings before. A large part of the funds for this construction effort is claimed to have come from Tash-Murkon funds, authorised by Catiz herself.

Duplicity !

Maleatu Shakor is claimed to have been duped by the Khanid agents into believing them to be the mythical Elders, and that the entire scheme was to the benefit of the Minmatar people. With the disruption of the Republic government by the purge carried out by the supposed “Elders”, Shakor was able to consolidate power, and ensure his own place in history and Brutor Tribe legend, by becoming Sanmatar. His surprise invitation to the coronation of Empress Catiz was to witness the death of King Khanid II, who was named as a conspirator in the “Elder dossier” of traitors.

Conspiracy !

Gutter Press asked several people for their opinions on this.

“I genuinely don’t know what to say”, said a Sebiestor exotic dancer.
“Big if true”, said a Sebiestor computer programmer.
“This explains Kahah too, doesn’t it ?”, asked a Sebiestor geneticist.
“You’d best be watching yourself, miss. This will upset people”, said a Sebiestor martial arts instructor.

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Nope. It was actually agents of the Goonswarm Intelligence Agency, under the Mittani, working to foment a more aggressive Republic posture so as to force the Empire into a reactive posture. That way, things could be set up to attempt to put Max Singularity on the throne of Amarr, a plot that would have been successful, had not MIO operatives sabotaged Max’s ship during the succession trials, costing him his chance.


Sabotage… Right.


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This is ridiculous, even for Gutter Press.


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