Eliminate ALT Kill right Clearing?

Hey CCP can you please make is so that alts cannot clear kill rights? If the kill is from the same same account, wont clear kill rights. Everyone knows this is just a workaround for actually getting PVP’d and removal of the annoyance of being hunted. So they can go back to doing what they were doing, immediately, without kill rights.

Yeah, they can get someone in their corp to do it, but not your own accounts. That way other people get to have all the fun.

NOTE: I misspoke - I do not mean the same account, I mean the same IP. Essentially, not have the same person using an alt from a different account, clear the kill rights from the first account.

To make it even more fun, make kill rights for a certain period of time, like one hour, not just an actual kill. Cuz…you know…Corvette kills mean so much?

I wonder what the gankers will say about this… :heart_eyes:

They’ll say that will change absolutely nothing about how they handle kill rights and is likely just a waste of time for ccp to bother coding. Because thats the truth.

:rofl: you can’t use same account to clear killright.


It is truly amazing how consistently any time an anti-ganker posts on these forums, it is guaranteed to come with at least one fundamental misunderstanding of how the actual game mechanics work.


It is actually possible to kill a character with another character in the same account.

Character 1 has the killright. They undock in a Venture and light an industrial cyno, then logs off by killing the client. They remain locked in space until the cyno goes down.

Character 2 logs in, undocks, activates killright, blaps the venture.

You can also do it by logging off character 1 while they have an active logoff timer. You have to kill the client and probably combat probe them down, but it’s possible.


I stand corrected.

I imagine, however, that gankers do not ever use this method to clear killrights. Given the easy access to numerous alt accounts.

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I doubt most gankers bother clearing killrights at all.

I do a fair bit of lowsec roaming, so i usually have a few killrights on me.

I’ll generally only bother clearing them if I’m going to be flying something blingy through hisec for a Corp operation (wormholer btw).

Let me ask you a question. Have you actually tried that? Or are you theorycrafting here?

Have done it. Was a long while ago, so may have been patched out.

It’s also how you can move a capital with only one account. Not recommended, but possible.

Okay I admit that I didn’t use this exact method, but I tried to combat probe my alt after I logged him off in space (with logout timer) and when I landed on that safe and tried activated killright it wasn’t possible (error about target not being in same system iirc). I tried that this year.

Thats why I wrote that it is not possible. I really doubt this differs when the character would be using cyno, but fair enough I didn’t test this exact application so maybe it is doable.

But yeah even if it could be done it is extremely unlikely concept and far too much annoying to do for anyone to actually do that even if he has just one account (which for a ganker is highly unusual itself).

If he has 2 accounts he can activate it anywhere easily anyway, and there is no way that CCP could code some restriction to prevent players to activate their killrights with their own accounts. Mainly because any such restriction would be too easy to workaround for example by not using the same email for the accounts.

They do. Personally, if it is cheaper than the ship I am flying (but max 10mil) I am paying it. I even started impersonating the notorious killright begger who stalks me and started stealing “his killrights” and paying them even if it is more ISK than my ship costs just to deny him content. Good stuff, lots of fun.

I am also pretty sure that Ivicek has even alts in every big alliance so he can even clear those killrights that are given to alliance. Because he often undocks in shuttle without public killright and turns suspect few seconds later.


They do, if you set the price reasonable low for the ship they fly. Tornado gankers in highsec always clear bounties in the 10-20M range.

To the OP, it’s fruitless as the information who is who’s alt is something even CCP can’t know. And then there are still corp mates.


So yes, you can kill a character with another character on the same account, but you can’t clear killrights with this method.

Good to know, thanks!

EDIT: All of which is a pretty moot point as friends or second accounts can be used with abandon.

Technically you can if the killright was already activated by someone else, then killing your own toon via these methods will clear it. But if the killright was already activated you don’t need any player. You can just die to NPCs (which is what I do to deny AGs and Kill Whores even that shuttle kill) and the killright will be cleared.

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You can in fact wash your own kill right while having only one account, that’s how people use the Orca’s compressor in a wormhole while having 1 account only.

Get yourself a timer, close EVE, get yourself in the second toon, activate the kr and shoot your first toon that will still be on space

Did you even read the posts in this thread?

Trying to activate killright on toon that is not actually logged in doesn’t work. It didn’t work year ago (when I was ganking with single alpha account) and I doubt that CCP changed this.

So again, did you actually tested it or you are just theorycrafting?

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Yes, theorycrafting, since in the wh thats how we juggle ships and use the fleet hangar like that and it works

Says the carebear hiding in Highsec.

Killright is different mechanic. Let me know if you actually try it.

Thats not just anti ganker is anti using same account to deprive other players of killing you, so you can go about your business without having KR on you. You gankers are harddcore arent you? Why take the easy way out and deprive yourself of exhilarating game-play.

Im not saying same account, im saying same email / same IP. Essentially depriving the person of the ability to clear their own kill rights.

…says the socipath abusing game mechanics so he can go on being what he is, then complaining if there is a threat to the mechanics that allows them the abuse in the first place.

But its true. Its a workaround for going back to whatever you were doing without getting PVP. I thought you all hardcore fanatics like this stuff dont you? I mean consequences, no easy way out and all that nonsese, right up your alley isnt it?