Eluwien - Avanto - Hole Control for CSM16

Greetings immortals, stay a while and listen

Your EVE Online story

After a decade of online gaming, from Muds, EQ, DAoC to WoW I found EVE Online at 2007 and it blew my mind right away. I’ve had already my fair share of clan and guild management experience under my belt, and had been crossed, shot and destroyed in myriad of ways but after few weeks in EVE I knew I had step into a different realm. “You can go do that to another player and get away with it?” I remembered thinking, and I was instantly hooked by the dreams of possibilities I could experience in EVE.

Boldly go where everyone is waiting for you weapons hot! My way lead me straight to anomalies, low and null-sec as fast as I could. It didn’t take long before my persistence coming back after every loss was noticed, and one of the less murderous locals took pity and educated me about not mixing tanks and not having small rails in Megathron. Joined my first PVP Corporation and started to really learn the gist of things.


Years rolled as they do, Band of Brothers came and then went, I flew mostly under and/or with SpaceMonkeys Alliance at Vale until Pandemic Legion came and destroyed everything, everyone, and burned the whole region to crumbles. At the time I operated sizeable army of alts on mining, and building capitals on POS’es, losing all of it has been a blessing in disguise, as it allowed me to get back to PVP. After rethinking my options, I ran my own corp First Blood Inc in lowsec for a year, before merging into Gentlemen’s Agreement And so I was, yet again, back in Vale, where I ran home defence fleets with Gents for few years.

Not long after B-R5RB Gents called the curtain on the alliance, and I found Finnish corporation Fistful of Finns and from there I tell you dear reader started a ride like no other. Not only is all of their meme game hardcore (https://i.imgur.com/08V0s5i.png) so is the way we flew together. Always outnumbered, on purpose, always willing to go against any odds and nearly always winning extremely and mostly 'cause of skill. If I had thought I knew how to fly in EVE before FIST/PIZZA times, oh I had been so wrong.

As all good things, FISTn and Pizza came to an end 2018, and I moved to the last sanctum of Finnish space wizards, Arctic Light. At the time AL lived with Unpublished Chapter in Wormhole space. Later the groups merged into corp now known as Avanto, and joined Hole Control alliance

More here : (AVANTO - YouTube)

I’m an acting coCEO of Avanto, focusing on home system maintenance and FC’in and running operations. The focus in AVANTO is heavily on PVP and we are known by bravely taking every fight we even remotely can, we are always on the offensive always looking for more. The atmosphere in AVANTO is energetic and trusting, and we try to push every member to come up with a shenanigans we can do and then do them together.

Here is my highlight in EVE, a Cinematic story about our project of obtaining faction Fortizars from nullsec with a bunch of madmen and friends:

More here : (AVANTO 2019 - YouTube) (Eve Online avanto beginning of 2020 - YouTube)

Your areas of expertise. In which areas of the game do you feel you are the most knowledgeable? What qualities set you apart from other candidates?

After 13 years and way over 20,000 hours of EVE one tends to be roughly knowledgeable about every aspect of EVE. I’ve lived in every space, fought in all levels of PVP, built nearly everything in the game and been in charge of people in all aspects of EVE.

I have an innate capability of understanding complex networks of variables, both technical/mechanical but especially their social impacts. I utilise this skill in my professional job as successful contract negotiator and business analyst. I shine where system (process, legal, system) gets complex and affects multiple stakeholders differently at the same time.

Why are you applying for the CSM?

I would take as my main responsibility making sure that CCP Development team does not forget the effect of their proposed changes on Wormholes/Pochven, and that the voice of Wormholers/Pochven is at least heard, hopefully considered, before changes go live. I want to avoid the above pictured attitude from showing through in CCP’s media approach to their people, because I truly believe that Wormhole lifestyle is one of the most unique jewels of EVE.

Wormhole PVP meta is generally stated in a healthy state, but then again Wormholers are totally used on changes being made to meta based on 0.0 politics. This is fine, as long as Wormhole lifestyle is not an afterthought. I’m hopeful for the coming changes to WH Industry, while we have waited we have lost many, and that is simply an error that could have been avoided. We shall see if the next patch revitalises the place, if not, significant work is to be done.

Pochven is a great addition to EVE Universe, and I for one am all but married with the Triangle Overlords. However the EDENCOM and Triglavian Admirals who are responsible of the space itself are in dire need of being retired, and new thoughts and futures to be planned for the space. How the factions are located and how the standing gains work, and how mundanely non-unique the place is for its lore completely miss the potential of what it could be.

Filaments, and the ability to completely skip Wormholes and ALL (risky) gate travel for any hauling from dangerous space to safe space is also something I am strongly against. Lowering the risk of loss/death in EVE has by far never been a good solution, that is simply a wrong fundamental approach.

What I would really want to raise as a topic in CSM and in Forums in general, is potential for new Wormhole specific Update, with something interesting for the whole EVE Universe. The main reason for this is the fact that Wormholes came 11 years ago, and since their incubation they have received merely changes, not a WH specific update. (February’s From Wormholes with Love effectively changed one thing, and was taken at best as a mild insult).

What I believe is in order is an update, which fulfils few key requirements

  • Relatively easy/cheap labour-wise to implement
  • Significantly impacts (but not necessarily benefit) Wormholes
  • Significantly impacts playerbase at large, but wormhole-relevantly
  • Has high change to increase on amount of players living in wormholes
  • Forces players to put ISK at Risk
  • Builds options for players to further promote emergent gameplay

This is the collected result of many pilots and over two years of ongoing (though intermittent) discussions, three new objects that would significantly impact on how many things in EVE work. Any WH update would be welcome, but I lay this in the open now to start a discussion. Please let me know your thoughts, or ideas of any sort!

Sisters of EVE Zero-Point Mass Manipulator

  • High-slot module with scripts as ammo
  • Zero-Point Positive Manipulator Script: Adds 10 Million kg / 30 seconds to wormhole Maximum Stable Mass (not enough for 1 cruiser, forces usage of many modules/ships if faster is needed)
  • Zero-Point Negative Manipulator Script: Removes 10 Million kg / 30 seconds to wormhole Maximum Stable Mass
  • Must have wormhole targeted to use,
  • Maximum range of 5km
  • Fitting requirements to limit 1 per any BS (high CPU/PG -wise), Sisters of EVE Nestor get fitting requirement bonus -99% PG like bombers get bomb launchers

Game mechanics:

  • Wormhole mass total cannot exceed the potential maximum of its type
  • Wormhole mass increase is reduced by 5% per+ consecutive cycle (per player)
    • (would mean 86,000kg / 5min 131,000kg/10min 159,000kg/15min /per module)

Sisters of EVE Chronostasis Bastion Module

  • High-slot module with scripts as ammo
  • Positive Chronostasis Script: Adds 1 minute of wormhole Max Stable Time every 30sec cycle
  • Negative Chronostasis Script: Removes 1 minute of wormhole Max Stable Time every 30sec cycle
  • Must have wormhole targeted, maximum distance of 5km, only 1 can be activated per wormhole

Game mechanics:

  • Like Bastion: Forces immobility, gives active-tank bonus and ECM immunity.
  • Using Chronostasis makes target wormhole visible in overview (both sides)

Ansiblex Wormhole Signature Entangler

  • Uses scripts as ammo. Only one script can be active at any one time

  • Ansiblex Wormhole Attractor Script: Attracts small wandering wormhole to chosen (from a list) region of space (including wormhole regions), near random other Ansiblex Wormhole Signature Entangler.

    • 1 minute cycle time.
    • 100mil ISK cycle cost as fuel
    • Resulting wormhole is initially very small (10 Million kg total mass, or 10 frigates but not 1 DST/Cruiser, statick 18,000kg jump maximum) but can be modified with above tools. Maximum of 1000 Million kg.
    • Resulting wormhole has very small lifespan of 15 minutes
  • Ansiblex Wormhole Repulsion Script: Blocks other Ansiblex Wormhole Signature Entanglers from generating wormholes to current system.

    • 30 min cycle time
    • low cycle cost
    • Effect activated at the end of the cycle for 30min

Game mechanics:

  • Must be anchored within 200km from large citadel
  • Linked to closest citadel power and reinforcement state, (if citadel is low power/abandoned so is AWSE)
  • Follows to closest citadel reinforcement time
  • Cant be activated is linked structure is at hull timer
  • Hard cap of 1/system

Intended gameplay effects

The main intended idea is for these three to work in conjunction with each other. When used primarily with AWSE to generate a temporary route to travel between regions the gain is not significant to most entities, and entity deciding to do so must put ISK at risk and becomes very visible while doing so.

The numbers of mass limit on maximum ship size limits away DST’s, and is only slightly bigger than a frigate wormhole, allowing cruisers to pass (only 1, unless enlarged with tools).

Any entity wealthy enough to field a large citadel would have in their arsenal a method of small gang warfare from their own doorstep, or drop a small quantity of goods by potentially risking more than the worth of goods transported. The intention is not to create competition to filaments or bridge networks, but to allow small gang movement or pod replenishment with risk to where needed (intended to allow people get to play the game).

When used without AWSE, the two modules allow wormhole entities, and those who use wormholes to travel to capture the value of found route by extending or enlarging it. This will allow more movement to take place through wormholes, and potentially helps both initiating a fight and optimally returning to base through controlled route.

This new support role in fleets which has the job of extending/enlarging routes comes with a risk, but also promotes new ways of playing the game more in a way where the players get to build the battlefield.

**What can players expect from you?**

I first and foremost want to represent the wormhole lifestyle in CSM, and make sure that EVE has new things to offer for all of us for another decade. If chosen I’ll take this assignment seriously and honestly. You can expect that my posts are not going to be short, or without significant content, and I hope I can get some of them towards the right members of CCP by bring part of CSM. We Finns are not the most flashy self marketers, but one thing I’ve got from the genes is that when we give a promise we stick to it.

I want any potential voters or communities to know, that I’m also available to any discussions as much as possible to anyone and of any topic. I want to hear your ideas, feedback or messages you would like to carry towards the CSM or CCP.

You can catch me in-game 6 days a week on EU TZ
Eluwien #7975 on Discord
or hook me up on eluwien@gmail.com


Could you give your opinion on the strategic strike patch from a year ago and whether you think it achieved ccps goal of creating a “brawlers paradise”. Also elaborate as to why you agree or disagree with the three main changes that pertained to whs and possibly better alternatives to achieve a “brawlers paradise” if you disagree with any of them.

for reference
20% resist nerf to mods
buff to t2 short range damage ammo
fax nerfs(1 cap booster lock)

Looking at your killboard the vast majority of your PVP experience is in nullsec. With your lack of significant wormhole PVP experience, how have you come to your conclusion on the current state of wormhole PVP?


I’ve flown with PIZZA / 8D / FISTN . High quality times. You will get a place on my voting list.

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The wormhole meta is in a healthy state, yet you want to make changes. Changes have a chance at butterfly effects which can ruin that healthy state. We are already in state of crisis because of how few people are coming into wormholes. I would argue the rate of people leaving, and getting evicted is higher than the rate of those joining

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Dunno whose kb you’re looking at but looks like most of his activity on there is in wormholes.

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His killboard. Prior to 2019 it was pretty much all nullsec. He has been playing since 2007. The alliance he has the most kills with was Gents. I was part of the same alliance, we were exclusively a nullsec alliance.

I stand over my question.

Good question Forsot, the patch was highly controversial and everyone had/has a strong opinion about it :slight_smile:

CCP has had the tendency in past few years of using big words and doing small changes: shorter development cycles over large “DLC’s” but still using language like each patch has big impact. Some patches have more, and this was one of them.

The absolutely vast majority of sub cap fleet battles by this point was done by long range doctorines, these fleet comps simply work better (especially prepatch command destroyers) than anything else in the portfolio. Even though the patch was worded with a hook “Brawlers Paradise”, I really doubt even CCP expected this to significantly change. Even combined with the resist nerf on modules, and command destroyer MJD nerf, we’re still looking at vast majority of subcap comps being long range. This was to be expected, in objective based fights or fights with large numbers, range and mobility is simply the king regardless of your tank.

What the patch did have significant - and I believe what the intent really was - impact on is EHP of Supers FAXes and Titans, as well as small-medium gang / WH fleet compositions. The numerical fact with supercapitals has been that resists grew so close to 100%, that numbers needed to kill them became near ridiculous, further increased by endless cap FAXes. Rising resists from 95% to 96% after all lowered all incoming damage by 20% and increased effectiveness of all reps by 20% totalling at 40% increase in life expectancy, vastly more than any other module in the game. When you need massive numbers to kill target, you have to concentrate large numbers of people under one flag, and the opposing force has to do the same to counter it. It’s my view that changing the resist modules, lowering the EHP of all supercaps, and increasing the likelihood of them dying in short term causes organisations to be more cautious fielding them, but in long term reduces the need for such extreme concentration of people as we’ve seen in past 5 years. I find this latter, long term goal as inspiring, the TIDI slugfests the game has become as not fun to any party involved.

On small-medium gang and wormhole life, the 15% increase on short range ammo had in the end very little effect, as Triglavian ships already surpassed everything by a large margin. This change literally gave back or kept short range brawlers as viable option in between the two dominating fleets, alpha from long range and high dps triglavians from medium range. The over all EHP nerf effected equally everyone, increasing isk at risk and likelyhood of deaths, both welcome changes.

FAX cap booster limit significantly affected sub cap fights too. The situation by this point had developed to the point where the FAX landing on the grid pretty much ended all fights, unless you can blap FAXes. The cost of FAX being at casual scanning Tengu level, this was simply something that was in dire need of addressing. I’m glad that CCP found a way to make them weaker, without making them obsolete, but in all honesty they’re still (before next patch) way too cheap for their power.

All considered, the patch didn’t bring Brawlers Paradise, but I for one welcome every patch that increases the likely hood of fights, increases risk and builds on the premise that null-sec doesn’t absolutely have to clot into thousands of players on grid simply to kill something.

7 accounts mate, and we fight anyone anywhere.

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And for zkillboard professors, WH people do not want all kills to zkill…

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Thanks mate, we all dream of the old days, but can only build up the future ones :slight_smile:

Is that what you are going with?



Obviously we’re flying under the same banner as Hole Control, so my opinion is slightly more favorably skewed, however, i do find your proposal very interesting by and large. Take my vote, and see you in the next op. o7


Go Avanto! You’ll be getting my vote.

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Thanks mate, appreciated <3

I’ll make sure to have your name at the top of my vote-list as well. We need a wormhole-representative this year.

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