[EMARA] Press Release Re: Arbeh Planetary Production Acquisition


Emara Entertainment Inc. Acquires Arbeh Planetary Production

Reisen, The Forge, 21 November YC 125: Today, Emara Entertainment Inc. acquired Arbeh Planetary Production [ARBPP], a corporation involved in planetary industry and theme park management based in the Daran system of the Kor-Azor region.

“Arbeh has been a company on my radar since our entrance in to the Empire market,” remarked Clordilen Ellevrette, President and CEO of Emara Entertainment Inc. “Nahol Nugoeihuvi is an incredible example of what can be done with boundless creative energy and the partnership with an entertainment-centric megacorporation. Masterminded by Lady Hadal Arbeh, Nahol Nugoeihuvi and the attached Nugoeihuvi has turned what was once a relative backwater in to an entertainment destination for the baseliners of Kor-Azor. Her accomplishments and vision will make her an invaluable asset to Emara.”

This acquisition will combine the entertainment exploits of both Emara and Arbeh in to a resort-building juggernaut bar none, and also maintain ARBPP’s planetary industrial capabilities as an additional revenue stream for the corporation.

Emara’s headquarters will remain in Reisen, with ARBPP’s corporate assets being relocated from Daran V - Moon 1 - Amarr Constructions Foundry to Nahol VII - Moon 8 - Nugoeihuvi Corporation Development Studio. Our staff in Reisen will continue to focus on the gaming and resort aspects of the corporation, while our Nahol location will serve as a center for the development of themed entertainment options for the corporation, as well as facilitate its planetary industry.

About Emara Entertainment Inc.; Emara Entertainment is the owner and operator of the Emara Grand Reisen and Emara Grand Mendori resorts and casinos. Its support of the EDENCOM branch of CONCORD has led it to seek establishing its casino resorts in EDENCOM-staffed systems, providing readily available entertainment for off-duty personnel, as well as encouraging both baseliner and capsuleer traffic to said systems. While initially starting in the gaming industry, Emara seeks to expand its current horizons to create the ultimate experience in entertainment across the entirety of New Eden.

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