[Introducing] Maya Entertainment

Greetings Capsuleers.

Maya Entertainment is dedicated to provide consumers with products and services derived from state of the art applied research, always pushing the limits of reality with the latest available technology.

Our diversified services portfolio includes:

  • Virtual Reality environments for the satisfaction of your wildest fantasies.
    Make all your dreams come true with neurofeedback.

  • Access the emotions and thoughts of your loved ones as two (or more) become one.
    Take the meaning of empathy to the next level.

  • Pharmaceutical products to enhance your mental, physical and sexual performance.
    Enjoy all the sensations your body can give.

  • Publishing division with the clusters hits:
    “The Pleasure of one is the pleasure of many”
    “My heart and blood belongs to you”
    “Close encounters of the sexy kind”
    “Your wish is my command”
    “There´s no price for love”
    “Venom of ecstasy”

Privacy guaranteed for all of our services. Inquire one of our representatives for availability in your region.

As a company focused on bringing happiness, thrill and joy to our users, reports of “processing homeless into plastinated sex robots to take advantage of Kyonoke fears in customers steadfast on remaining locked in hermetically sealed habitats.” cause shock and disgust as this is a direct violation of personal liberties and most likely a felony on many sector around the cluster.

Virtual Reality environments with neuralfeedback are biologically equal to the direct experience, doesn´t violate any laws, and have an improved interaction when compared to sloppy biological replication thanks to our ultra quality 3D body scanning/extrapolation technology.

Never settle for anything lower than perfection.

Maya Entertainment
Your dreams are our business

Is Maya Entertainment in any way associated with @Morgana_Tsukiyo?


It kinda has that feel, doesn’t it? Right down to the name.



We have a collaboration regarding the aforementioned state of the art research, but once certain prototypes were available, the business applications were clear to me.

While my Intaki heritage allows me to share some insights regarding death and rebirth with her, i´m not personally inclined for metaphysics discussions. If one can live a happy life and avoid bad feelings and experiences, why not?

It´s all about the moment baby, no matter how many moments we have.

I have a thing for art and design, and when she showed me the neural constructs i knew it was something that would be a money machine. Who in their right mind wouldn´t like to experience new exciting stuff, passionate encounters or beautiful scenarios right from their homes?

When i heard about Nodal Point Teledildonics heinous abuses with those poor Kyonoke victims, i decided to change the chronogram and introduce the corporation at an earlier time. I can´t stand for abuses like this, freedom is the utmost important thing in our lives, and to be… to be shaped in the appearance of the new Empress to sexually please someone by force? This is outrageous.

No no no. I have a gift for art, and if one must interact with their deepest most depraved urges, then let it be in the form of an artificially sculpted person within their brains, not by abusing another human beign.

Virtual Reality is a perfect place to exercice your personal freedom without opressing others. No matter how simple or controversial your desires are.

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Well this is very interesting. On one hand, I’d love to get in front of this product. On the other, I realize that although virtual fantasies can be fun, especially with an Empress look-alike, the reality of it is the virtual reality space police will still arrest you for violating a pure Empress look alike in your mind. Happy Virtualling!

On our services, only if you choose so.

Every simulation program can be constructed in the precise way you wish it to be.

Every single detail.

You can either pick one of our default scenarios and make minor adjustments to your needs (inserting certains characters, making minor script changes) or you can pick the premium service of getting a dedicated team to build every aspect of the simulation to your desire. (For our most exclusive costumers).

I’m afraid you haven’t met the virtual reality space police then. Shall we setup an introduction to your organization and have them ensure every single customer must choose to have the space police as a part of the experience? I think we shall!

That certainly looks interesting. I may know a friend

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Wouldn’t you have to come out of the shadows to arrest people?

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No, he’ll just use his deep connections with just about every group in New Eden to make other people do it.


Exactly as planned at a barbecue back in… no wait, that just sounds silly.


Isn’t maya something Achurans like Ms. Tsukiyo are supposed to be trying to overcome or otherwise penetrate in order to reach the really real thing beyond it? Instead, the title of the enterprise being advertised here seems to revel in maya. Unless this is one of those left hand path Achuran sects I’ve heard about, sects that are even further sunk into error than are normal Achurans.

[quote=“Dharma_Krsna, post:1, topic:6909”]As a company focused on bringing happiness, thrill and joy to our users, reports of “processing homeless into plastinated sex robots to take advantage of Kyonoke fears in customers steadfast on remaining locked in hermetically sealed habitats.” cause shock and disgust as this is a direct violation of personal liberties and most likely a felony on many sector around the cluster.

Hello I am Xue Kusoni, a representative on behalf of Nodal Point Teledildonics. We vehemently deny these allegations of malfeasance during the Kyonoke Inquest. Every Holon, including our temporary operational center in Postouvin, operate within strict regional legal frameworks.

Ammatar Daily Star’s exposé is inflammatory irresponsible journalism that did not fact check any segment of its hit piece. Individuals enrolled in the body modification process were not coerced into participation. The full body modification process required for the creation of our Kyonoke Free guarantee companion line was fully necessary and all members of the science and aftercare team followed Sister’s of Eve best ethical euthanasia practices. Enrolled members did feel unnecessary pain.

Prior to termination, with sound mind they were taken step by step through a legal work contract similar to capsuleer crew compliments–whereby upon death individual(s) designated benefactors receive an above market value compensatory 300,000 Interstellar Kredit payment. Most civilian capsuleer crew contracts only award 120,000 ISK upon death.

While we a Nodal Point applaud you for your entrepreneurial spirit we feel you are misguided in the wholehearted acceptance of virtual reality. The pursuit of pure virtual reality is problematic and poses ethical concerns for the communities that adopt the technology. In order to win membership in the virtual human race, you are asked to pay a small price: everything. When you embrace the immaterial fully you cultivate an internal physiological schism–a separation of the mind from the soma–the material body in all of its wonderful imperfection. In doing so you deny a critical component of the human experience; what it means to be held in the embrace of messy physicality. Virtual sex and pleasure does not affirm this human experience, and it is far from the only reason it is not ethically sustainable.

Virtual smut holoreels saturate the market and can be designed by a single technician in some far off corner of the cluster–channeling money out of the community of the clients that consume this media. On the other hand, Nodal Point’s approach to sustainable and ethical pleasure is deeply invested in helping individuals become productive power-members of their communities, rather than being a drain on municipal services to continually feed and clothe. All enrolled participants are sourced locally. While our records are kept confidential per regional medical bylaws we will say their benefactor payments are predominately awarded to to individuals within their communities. This is value added!

Thank you for taking the time to read these factual statements and considering the benefits of tactile pleasure over digital simulacrums.

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Are we really going to get a trade war between brothels and virtual porn?


I am Planetary Penetration Specialist Node 514, attache to the Nodal Point fetish fleet. If we are to go to war the safe word is Catiz.


Greetings Ms Kusoni.

We at Maya Entertainment focus on providing all kinds of experiences to our costumers, not limiting our services to the very important sex industry segment.

Our Healthcare division is a cluster wide reference on Posttraumatic Stress Disorder VR treatment for Governmental and Civilian elements caught up in the dramatic actions and consequences of the Emergency Militia War Powers Act. Some paraplegic individuals even regained movements

The continuous fighting between state actors took it´s toll on several people, and we have the pleasure of providing a stepping stone for their full recuperation and reintegration to the community.

On the legal front, our technology provides the jury of criminal trials a reliable reconstruction of crime scenes to help them decide the fate of the defendants, helping the local community to properly manage the elements within it.

I could reference our vast portfolio regarding healthcare, military, fashion, heritage, business, engineering, sports, media, filme, construction, telecommunications and other applications, but our products and services speak for themselves. You probably use one of them on your daily activities.

While i welcome the intent of providing a Kyonoke free sexual experience for your costumers, it is important to remember that the problem your company was trying to circumvent was Kyonoke, a pathogen that is no longer a threat to the cluster.

I admire the passion you have about your job, and since i think you may have some misconceptions about our business, i invite you to experiment it for an entire as my personal guest, you pick your flavor, we provide it.

I´m sure you will experience things like you never did before.

After all, Your Dreams are our Business

Best Regards

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400 Kazeriuses on the VR.

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On the day that all Planetary Operations came to an abrupt end on 30.05.YC118, there from my point of view that a universal ceasefire was immanent. 4 years of constant conflict based off from The Late Empress Jamyl Sarum I’s crusade known as “Templar One.” when all but a few Templars were the start of a bigger conflict that ended in a stalemate.

I fought as that soldier, not of any Empire but as a Mercenary for Hire. Now there are no jobs left for us immortal clone soldiers, I’ve heard on the day the ceasefire was declared that many were stuck on the Temperate Worlds within Empire Space with no way off these worlds. Some were lucky to end up as stow-a-aways.

But the ultimate horror soon came to realization when I killed my squad mate to see if he would re-animate back into a fresh clone body. He didn’t return to this world, and I had to warn everyone who were still fighting unaware that the ceasefire declared was the cut off switch from some secret program known as “Project Nova.”

Civilians who signed up on that program had to be subjected to the horrors we went through but on a different level. Most ended up psychologically scarred, while some graduated as an immortal. Hell, even the instructors who survived the ceasefire, as I did, are Veterans of the 4 year conflict.

Who knows, maybe I’ll get a job somewhere. But time is running out and this is my last clone body.


Those who go after their dreams are the gifted ones, for they actually live instead of existing until their time expires.

Veterans should get proper care while transitioning out of combat, and your tale touched my heart. Our healthcare division can give you the best treatment in the cluster to help you adapt to your new situation.

If you are interested, contact me. Working together we can accomplish great results regarding your emotional and psychological well being.

Best regards

Every good post-service personnel deserves a good VR experience.