Nahol Nugoeihuvi!

((note: this is intended as worldbuilding for the Nahol VII - Moon 8 - Nugoeihuvi Corporation Development Studio station in Kor-Azor, presented in a travel brochure format!))

Visit Nahol Nugoeihuvi! The NEWEST and MOST SENSATIONAL Tourist Destination in Kor-Azor!

Want an escape from the doldrums of your typical existence? Want to feel like you’ve been transported to another dimension, where entertainment, leisure, rest and relaxation has been perfected to the finest degree? Where the blend of Amarr and Caldari is just right, to give you the experience that no-where else in the cosmos can offer? Look no further, because the Nugoeihuvi Corporation, in conjunction with the Orus Board of Tourism, has been hard at work transforming a station previously meant for simply developing holoreels in to an entertainment paradise rivalled by few other destinations in the entirety of Kor-Azor!

Our on-demand shuttle service can take you from any station in Orus, Nimedaz, Comadu, Jatari and Gebem right to where the magic happens! Once you step off our shuttles on to the Planet VII, Moon 8 station, you will be met with the sensation of freshly-smoked Latarian Lockjaw, a variant of the Amarrian delicacy noted for its high quality, harvested from fisheries on Latari III. This local specialty is cooked to perfection by five-star certified chef Atshunen Vakawaki at his establishment, Hyvaaruokaa. Vakawaki has previously served as a personal chef to top Nugoeihuvi executives, and carries his nearly ten years of service to the Corporation’s elite to those discerning Kor-Azor citizens who demand the very best in cuisine! For those on the run, a QuafeSnacks Premium is also available near the docking bay.


As Nahol Nugoeihuvi is intended to be a multi-day resort, the finest of accomodations, catered to the specific taste of Empire citizens, are present at the Grand Hotel Saisemi! The spa at the Hotel Saisemi features water imported from the mineral-rich hot springs sourced from Daran V, promising to give you the most relaxing bath imaginable outside of Daran V itself! Our luxurious rooms give you the comfort you expect from Nugoeihuvi, along with access to a nearly infinite backlog of Nugoeihuvi-produces holoreels and other programming, ensuring your contentment no matter your energy level. Room service is provided by the Saisemi Steakhouse located in the lobby, serving its signature steak dishes as well as other entrees.

THEME PARK - Nugoeihuvi Wonderland Nahol - New for YC 124!

The newest addition to the Nahol Nugoeihuvi Resort is perhaps its crown jewel; a brand new theme park celebrating the union of the Amarr and Caldari in two distinct zones, with a main thruway, Orus Street, showcasing the many craftsmen, personalities, and nobles that constitute Orus. Daran, Pananan, Gademam, Tadadan, Tralasa, Latari, and of course Nahol are all represented here, in a celebration of the people who have helped to make this park a reality. Here you can purchase souvenirs, as well as various confectionaries specific to the Orus area, to make your visit here that much more memorable!

Empire Center, to the left of Orus Street, presents the Empire in all its glory. Here, many dark rides will display the splendor of Holy Amarr without needing to book a trip to Dam-Torsad! In fact, one of the park’s attractions, Glorious Dam-Torsad, seeks to do just that! Board a people-mover as it takes you through scenes of a bustling metropolis, filled with nobility showing reverence to God and the Holy Empress Catiz I. Prayer drones fill the showroom, as the ride seeks to give you the best possible representation of the very best of Amarr’s most holy city.

Canals of Mishi, a boat ride, will take you through another showroom that demonstrates the ascension of the Ni-Kunni people in to the ranks of the Empire, and also show you the stalwart resolve of the Imperial Navy, as a mock-up battle will show you their triumph over the heretical and villainous Blood Raiders. (We recommend that those unsettled by violent imagery use precautions when choosing to board this ride.)

Perhaps the most exciting feature of Empire Center is its Combat! Battle Simulator! Specifically tailored for the Empire, guests can commandeer a virtual Prophecy-class battlecruiser and engage in combat with enemy ships including Rifters, Ruptures and Maelstroms, oh my! Combat! supports multiple guests, as they can compete with each other to see whose lasers and drones prove the most effective!

Empire Center also serves to demonstrate Amarr-Caldari bonds through the friendly relationship Holy Empress Catiz I has cultivated from her time spent in State space. Decorative features throughout the area, including a walkthrough garden, depict the importance of Empire-State cooperation, a theme that is continued on in the other zone of the park, the Caldari and thrillseeker-oriented New Poinen!

New Poinen features five incredible attractions, with some of them specifically for thrill enthusiasts! Firstly, guests can enjoy the comedy that Poinen is known for, in robotic form! Rowaarai, a duo of comedic robots will banter with each other, and the audience in a side-splitting laugh fest! In New Poinen, parkgoers can also meet and greet the masked members of the New Poinen Viisi Daitai, as they will venture throughout the area and pose for all the fans of the Fighting Five!

Nugoeihuvi Wonderland Nahol also features three thrilling attractions sure to fulfill the desires of those who want to be taken to incredible heights and speeds, with the wind flowing through their hair in the process! Firstly, Space-Shot to Hykkota (note: previously advertised as Space-Shot to Kaaputenen) launches riders from the start from 0 to 120 km/h, as it ascends to a top-hat that is 46 meters tall! On your descent, zoom through many inversions and out-of-your-seat hills that will thrill you to the core!

Next, take a ride on the Patriot! This ride will gradually rise in to the air, while you spin and twist in sidecars supported by a central pole depicting imagery of the New Poinen Viisi Daitai!

Finally, experience something like no other, as Spatial Flexure will alter your understanding of what it means to be on a coaster! This ride is contained in a zone where gravity manipulation will send you flying - perhaps when you least expect it! Ascend to a height of 52 meters, as you descend at high speed, all the while being out of your seat the entire time! You’ll never experience sustained airtime like you will here!


The fun doesn’t stop at Nugoeihuvi Wonderland! Experirence a bevy of luxury retailers and other entertainment experiences down Nahol High Street! Whether it’s finely-hemmed robes or stylish boots you’re after, our selection of clothiers, footwear merchants, jewelers and other such stores that cater towards the high fashion of the Empire are here to serve you!

Are you a fan of Mind Clash? Nahol Nugoeihuvi has an arena specifically designed for you to test your mental fortitude against your friends! Purchase merchandise of the top Amarrian Mind Clash superstars, and join The Lounge, as high-profile matches are streamed in a communal setting regularly!

Nahol Nugoeihuvi also offers a sanctioned casino, where enterprising visitors can risk their money for a chance at big rewards! The fun isn’t just restricted to baseliners either, as capsuleers visiting the Planet VII, Moon 8 Station can also take part in various HyperNet prizes redeemable at the station! In cooperation with the Orus Board of Tourism, high-value prizes will occasionally be present for lucky capsuleers to attempt to claim as their own!

EXCURSIONS - New for YC 124!

Packages are also available for sights beyond just Nahol Nugoeihuvi itself! Visitors can book a special excursion to Nahol IV, where a shuttle will be provided that departs Nahol Nugoeihuvi for the DED Assembly Plant orbiting Nahol IV, and further terrestrial transportation will depart for a spaceport on the planet. Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of Nahol IV on a guided tour of the environs around Sechan, the colony where the spaceport is located, as you will be left with unforgettable memories of new lands, and stories to tell as you journey back home. Other excursions will be planned in the future, so make sure to come back soon!

Whatever your reason for visiting Nahol Nugoeihuvi, we hope that your experience here will leave you with lasting memories and many reasons to come back and do it all again! Nugoeihuvi Wonderland still has room to expand, so make sure to return in the future for all new attractions, and for future improvements to the rest of the station! These experiences, and many more, await you at the Top Entertainment Destination of Kor-Azor, Nahol Nugoeihuvi! Why wait? Book a stay today!


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