Emergency TiDi Servers

so there was an epic battle in X47L-Q and as per the norm with TiDi Fleets there were some issues with things like logging in, the battle took a while too from what I understand. while talking with some people who took part in this battle, i thought to myself “why not just double the specs for the server”
but a lot of factors come into this, some of which go as far as “the technology doesn’t exist” and other than the recent post about Tech 4 servers my knowledge of how the servers work is limited.

however I came up with a possible solution

the current servers are basically clusters.

so take 4 - 8 of the current servers and link them up to form a super cluster.
the idea would then be to over clock each of these clusters
you could then have a special location which would have to be run by the game company which when server numbers and TiDi starts hitting a certain point begins an emergency cooling or submerging process, sort of like nuclear reactors submerging rods to cool them.

my thinking was to start submerging them into liquid nitrogen or perhaps something which would be more cost effective, i’ve seen videos in the past of certain kinds of oils and other factors being involved.

however failing that you could have a relay system in place

currently as i understand it
Client → Server → Processes it → sends it back

you could then split of different commands
Client → Server → Distributes the different commands to the extra server cluster (drones, movement, guns, timers, weapon cycles, damage calculations) → system server → clients.

if my understanding on servers is correct instead of having one server / node cluster do all the clients and calculations and distribution, with further distributed information the node/cluster (Whatever the right word is) would simply act as and input and out put to the clients while the actual calculations are distributed to ease the stress load to the back up servers.

one day warclones will return and we’ll see a first both in EVE and Gaming history of cross reality, cross platform 10,000 player battle in a solar system so something like distributing commands to a back up super cluster or some kind of overclocked to hell and submerged supercooled server would be pretty awesome and maybe help the server.

but it seems to be the way forward to having something overclocked and cooled as an emergency TiDi it would be a case of simply switching the information, perhaps new custom designed servers which would have cooling tubes in them, but I have no idea how servers are even designed as it stands, so I’m just throwing ideas out there, maybe there’s something to it, maybe not, but big fleet fights in real time would be a pretty incredible thing to see and be part of, no more players calling in sick to participate in a 20+h TiDi Fight.

just food for thought more than anything else, last time i took part in a fleet fight i couldn’t even shut down my tower after closing down the game client on my system, i had to hold the power button down and then when i booted it up the next day it took 45 minutes just to load the desktop and because of that i swore off of TiDi Fights for the foreseeable future.

but supped up servers / super cooled / submerged / some kind of new process involved could literally be a game changer.

I’m pretty sure the server is already the strongest CCP could give us for this system, as I assume CCP was given advance notification of the battle that was going to happen in X47L-Q through this tool:

Even with this ‘reinforced node’ the fight was a disaster.

I could speculate about things they could do better, but I’m sure the people at CCP who actually work with this setup have better knowledge of the mechanics and possibilities than I have.

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absolutely agree and thank you for the link too, I always wondered how CCP got notifications of these big fights as I’ve heard in that big fleets even now are scheduled with CCP. naturally the server gods do their best to take care of things, I have no idea how the servers are even managed, just throwing stuff out there though, just on the off chance it sparks something, like distributing the data to other clusters or in my other post, creating a burst effect to slow down ships, weapons, drones and nerf DPS for longer battles to save server stress. just juggling and bouncing things around, you never know what’ll happen, hell maybe even just make ships more squishy some how hell maybe “temporal distortions reduces all ship EHP by that %” 20% TiDi = 20% EHP Reduction across the board.

or just move all fleet participants via forced log out to the emergency tidi server where it has the same system and only focused on local grid, there is no way out, no resources, no escape, just an ongoing battle, or big fleets get force filamented to such a system, disable weapons which will cause server issues and prevent anti server warfare in game, players will just smart bomb and crash a server, TiDi hits certain amount, disable certain things.

anyway I’ll leave this offering of brain food for the server gods.

Well, probably not with the kind of budget that would take, anyway…

…yes…yes of course…brain food…

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