Emerging Conduit (triglavian) solo fit?

What are you getting your resistances upto?

With a passive resistance fit with command boost i get mine to just under 87% across the board.

With a fleet of four ships this ship adds a next boost to all ships, normally in a fleet site is cleared in under 10minutes at the worse.

I run two command boosts with my fit. With a good distegrator setup built for range/or high tracking.

This is what I use for solo or 4 player fleet.

Medium Armor Repairer II
Damage Control II
Corpum C-Type Energized EM Membrane
True Sansha Energized Thermal Membrane
Corpum C-Type Energized Kinetic Membrane
Shadow Serpentis Energized Explosive Membrane
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II

Cap Recharger II
10MN Afterburner II
True Sansha Cap Recharger
Tracking Computer II

Armor Command Burst II
Information Command Burst II
Veles Heavy Entropic Disintegrator
Improved ‘Guise’ Cloaking Device II

Medium Anti-Thermal Pump II
Medium Command Processor I
Medium Processor Overclocking Unit I

Medium Shield Maintenance Bot I x1
Hornet II x5
Salvage Drone I x5
Medium Armor Maintenance Bot I x3
Acolyte II x6

Optimal Range Script x1
Tracking Speed Script x1
Tetryon Exotic Plasma M x808
Armor Energizing Charge x540
Rapid Repair Charge x299
Electronic Hardening Charge x600
Meson Exotic Plasma M x1129
Occult M x471

That helps with resistance boost (+14% to all armour resist) and helps kill Trig ECM attacks* (+29.3% sensor Str, and -14.6% Sensor Damp/Weapon Disrupt attacks)*. The other option I use is replace the Information Command Burst II with and Skirmish Command Burst II running Evasive Maneuvers Charge (-14.6% to Sig Radius and +14.6% to Agility), but that dependant on what the fleet is made up of, or if you’re soloing and want fast escape or better tanking.


i use 2 command Bursts 2 active hardners 1 nano thats more then nuff the other 2 rigs are nanos. and as said the cap Boosters are important 2 meds with 800er each… per site i just have to reaload once if i go for the leechers first.

passive tank rattlesnakes with light/heavy missiles? The drone will be eaten alive unless its a gecko.

Can work, just need to get good hits and lots of them.

Tend to favor range, so Heavies or Cruise, make them come to you and you’ll get better hits as they fly into the missiles.

Why would you use anything but a gecko with a rattler? And rapid heavy precision’s work quite well with a grappler. Running a full passive tank, never have to bail and can finish in 7-8 minutes. You just pull the drone in between groups. The missiles kill nearly as fast as the gecko.


Especially if you are into mining the Talassonite, 3-4 Orcas even yield fitted with overall low EHP and a bunch of T1 Hobs can clear these sites.

Then mine some rocks, rinse and repeat. (dont forget to salvage)

Talassonite is worth it?

Did all the Emerging Conduit’s close for good, seems i can’t find them anymore

Yes, if you are already a miner. You would not fit a mining ship just to go and mine talassonite. Very roughly, the Jita buy price for talassonite is same as for regular herdbegite or gneiss., both of which can only be found in anoms or 0.5 moon belts.

Talassonite by contrast is everywhere and the conduit belts are vast. However, the rocks are relatively small, making it difficult to mine AFK. Also, once the last ship jumps out the site disappears and you have to clear another conduit before you can mine again.

Where it can be really valuable as a ore is if you are a builder. Talassonite has lots of tritanium making it very useful if building bulk ships.


it’s worth noting, it can’t be compressed.

True that. By same token, because emerging conduits are almost ubiquitous, you can choose to mine in same system where it would be most convenient to process.

If hoping to sell, then yes, that does make it inconvenient to mine.

I use a blingy Navy Drake too, 100% passive fit. Slow but works well. I’m in no rush for isk/hr.

[Drake Navy Issue, DNI]
Caldari Navy Shield Power Relay
C3-X ‘Hivaa Saitsuo’ Ballistic Control System
Caldari Navy Shield Power Relay
C3-X ‘Hivaa Saitsuo’ Ballistic Control System

Pithum A-Type Kinetic Deflection Amplifier
Pithum A-Type Thermal Dissipation Amplifier
Pithum A-Type EM Ward Amplifier
Thukker Large Shield Extender
Pithum A-Type Thermal Dissipation Amplifier
Thukker Large Shield Extender

Heavy Missile Launcher II
Heavy Missile Launcher II
Heavy Missile Launcher II
Heavy Missile Launcher II
Heavy Missile Launcher II
Heavy Missile Launcher II
Heavy Missile Launcher II
Salvager I

Medium Core Defense Field Purger II
Medium Core Defense Field Purger II
Medium Core Defense Field Purger II

Hammerhead II x5
Salvage Drone I x5

Scourge Fury Heavy Missile x269
Inferno Fury Heavy Missile x10000


why the C3-X BCS’s tho…

lots of us found several in the events.

well I know where they originate from, I know what they do, I’m just curious why to use one at DNI. I am not exactly convinced DNI has remotely enough drone power to have enough use from them to warrant the price differential.

I may be wrong somewhere in this logic chain, hence asking :wink:

I think even if adding more damage you are right in that they are not worth using instead of regular T2s.
I was just explaining why some people use them without even considering the question of the price. Besides that, I agree that they are not a very good idea. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

ah I see, thanks :slight_smile:

I’m using a maelstrom, because that’s what I had handy. I think the fit is
8 x 425mm auto T2s

1 x XL shield booster (meta4)
2x T2 Large Cap battery
1 x X5 enduring web
1 x T2 shield boost amp
1 x Adaptive Invuln T2
Republic Fleet Phased Plasma M

1 x DCU 2
2 x Gyro 2
1 x TE 2
1 x DDA 2

1 x L EM screen II
1 x L thermal screen II
1 x L defense capacitor safeguard II

4x Berserker II

1 x MTU
1 x Mobile Depot
1 x T2 Large Armour Repper
Nanite repair paste

If I don’t pay attention or get my kill order wrong I sometimes need to drop the depot and repair my armour after the site. Very rarely have to leave mid-site.

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Not a fitting guru but my first thoughts would be to drop the Adaptive Invul and second cap battery for thermal and explosive specific hardeners, drop the Web for a Grappler and drop the DDA for another tracking enhancer.

Yeah, already dropped the webber for a grappler, is obvs better. I dropped the DDA for a Omnidirectional tracking enhancer in a effort to reduce drone misses, not sure it makes much difference. The guns seem to hit almost always with one TE and the grappler so I could add another gyro I guess.

I might try your shield suggestions though, thank you