Eos: +1H, and Crank Up the DB

Pretty simple proposition here, so I’ll keep it pretty barebones. I suggest that the Eos get +1H in order to be able to fit the rack of guns (4 slots/5 currently) and the dual command ship armor or skirm bursts available to it. Plus, the Myrm model already has 6 highslots as it is!

Second, the Eos’ drone bay is lacking for the length of engagement that it typically finds itself embroiled in. I suggest a trade. Give the Eos the Ishtar’s drone bay, and give the Ishtar the Eos’ drone bay. That is 375m3 from the Ishtar to the Eos, and a 300m3 dronebay from the Eos to the Ishtar.

I see these as common sense changes, as every other command ship except the Eos is able to fit it’s dual command bursts without sacrificing a gun high, and it makes sense that the size of ship should affect the drone bay volume.