The Eos: +1H and Cranking Up the DB

Pretty simple proposition here, so I’ll keep it pretty barebones. I suggest that the Eos get +1H utility slot in order to be able to fit the rack of guns (4 slots/5 currently) and the dual command ship armor or skirm bursts available to it. Plus, the Myrm model already has 6 highslots as it is!

Second, the Eos’ drone bay is lacking for the length of engagement that it typically finds itself embroiled in. I suggest a trade. Give the Eos the Ishtar’s drone bay, and give the Ishtar the Eos’ drone bay. That is 375m3 from the Ishtar to the Eos, and a 300m3 dronebay from the Eos to the Ishtar.

I see these as common sense changes, as every other command ship except the Eos is able to fit it’s dual command bursts without sacrificing a gun high, and it makes sense that the size of ship should affect the drone bay volume.

Other than that, the Eos is in a fine spot at the moment, imo.

This would be a problem if a decent eos used even a single high for guns…

That really has nothing to do with it. The eos is already one of the better command ships it’s hardly in need of a buff

Just because you don’t use your Eos for brawling doesn’t mean it should remain broken vs other command ships in basic slotting. Your opinion of the ship fitting is entirely irrelevant.

Further irrelevancies include your opinion on it being “fine”, because as someone who actually uses and understands the Eos. It’s short on dronebay and a class below is has a bigger drone bay. That is not how balance works.


Very few dedicated drone boats can efficiently fit a full rack of weapons without making significant sacrifices.

Ishtar and eos are two very different ships with very different roles simply being bigger does not mean you get a bigger drone bay. This is indeed how balance works.

I’m also not sure why you think i don’t use mine for brawling. Brawling is the main reason my highs have better things to do besides secondary dps.

Your arguments remain disappointingly subpar. It’s not a ■■■■■■■ drone boat first my friend, it is a command ship. That means, that if 4 highslots are theoretically allocated to guns, which is an entirely legitimate fitting, the Eos remains in the bizarre and SOLE EXCEPTIONARY position of not being able to fit its second command burst with a second dedicated utility high. Your finnicky, weird resistance to that fact has certainly been noted however.

So you figure, that the Ishtar - a smaller hull with a kiting role a higher velocity and insane dps as it is, does not need to be easier to defang than a heavy engagement command ship who, if a pure droneboat, can be defanged within 2 wings. That reasoning is super interesting to me and I will dismiss is as dumb dumb.

In closing, and we talked about this, this is not about how you personally fit your ship because II, personally, could not give one boiled crap. The point is it’s a pointless anomaly in its line, whose dps doesn’t last an engagment due to too few drones, and who needs a grinding drone bay vs the kiting dronebay it has while the Ishtar’s op ass would be better balanced and easier to defang with the kiting dronebay in exchange.

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