Epic arc standing increase change?

I recently completed the Amaar and SOE Epic arcs and the standing increase was far less than than previous accomplishments (+0.041% & +0.023% vs. 1.250% & 0.875% respectively). Has something changed with Standing Increase reporting or reward?

The standings window doesnt always give accurate information

If I remember right they reset faster now, so maybe they lowered the increases to compensate.
Like I think they used to reset every 6months now it should be 3 if I’m not mistaken.

Also the first time you ran it where you close to 0 and now you are much higher standings? Standings naturally award less the higher you are.

The visualization was changed a few patches ago. It’s now showing the actual increase accounting for the already reached standing. Previously it was showing the nominal increase as you would get by having 0 standing.

It was not in the patch notes and my tickets about were closed without confirmation of the change, they just explained me how it is now (not admitting it was otherwise for as long as I can remember).