Equinox announcement

So far no one has found the OP ship that is like the Muninn, Ishtar or the likes. There is no predominant fleet ship like the Muninn or Isthars of old.

Could have less mid and lower slots so they don’t supersede our current hulls we use for PI

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So this aged well…

Seems like that’s exactly what they are.

My big question is why didn’t CCP do a ship rebalance with all hualers when new ones role out? CCP still has time to do a ship rebalance for all hauling ships. Lets get this done!

The fit is slightly unclear but the Deluge is a blockade runner with 45K specialised hold, 3k normal hold, 33k EHP with extra thermal resists and 240 dps from rapid lights. That’s silly.

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they just need to do a ship rebalance of the current ones. I’m hoping they will get this done before hand.

You should think of it more like the deluge is a cov ops cruiser that also has a big hauling capacity. I would expect align time to be worse than the other ships due to increased mass.

Maybe they will do exactly that once they got feedback how the new ships are accepted, used and probably rebalanced once or twice. Haulers having more options to “fight back actively” when under threat is asked pretty regulary, at least when it comes to Freighters getting a complete set of slots. And the new ships could simply be a blueprint for doing that.

The most interesting thing I’d like to see is what the players come up with in fittings to squeeze out the max possible combat capabilities, using them as bait or PvP-ship instead of their intended design as a hauler. It will mostly rely on the ability to actively tank (aka cap booster storage capacity for running a blinged active tank quite forever).

Because then its less incentive to buy pack’s that give the skills to the new haulers immediately for those that want to rush them out, I wouldn’t be surprised if CCP did a balance pass a few months afterwards.

I’ll prob wait for my skills to train and the prices to go down anyways I don’t see the rush. I will still use my bustard for most things as its been loyal to me but will for sure welcome a ship with bigger pi storage as its just less frustrating trips.

are these haulers designed for nullsec or are they going to be seen in highsec too?

The resource bay can hold:

  • Reagents
  • PI outputs
  • Moon materials
  • Fuel Blocks
  • Liquid Ozone
  • Deployables
  • Upwell Structures
  • Sov Hubs & Upgrades
  • Orbital Skyhooks
  • Customs Office Gantries
  • Upwell structure ammo

(still subject to change!)

While it won’t be used in HS for sov hubs and deploying skyhooks, many people in HS will find a use for these ships to either move fuel, manage their PI, or for hauling moon materials/reagents/PI.


It’s not, it’s the same 5+ seconds as all the other BR. Your whole spiel of “see I know it’s fine” doing the

is based on zero actual facts and understanding.

How is such a base feature

so short before release? It’s the sole reason for the ships to exist so if you’re still arguing over that then that tells me the whole concept&idea is either borked or OP af, as expected.

@CCP_Swift Is the dev-team / you aware of the issue that these ships could be used to store masses of capboosters in the different cargoholds (cargo/fleet hangar) and basically run a pretty strong active tank for ages, so they can be used as quite powerful (cloaky) combat ship, possibly declassing other ship classes that actually are designed for combat?

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Which was my exact point about the BR. It turns out it will “only” have double reps or have double ancils. Still silly.

What is the size of the fleet hangar on the Torrent, and does the Avalanche also have a fleet hangar? If so, what’s the size? Any chance of finally getting Faction auto-targeting missiles back again? Thanks in-advance.

Normal bay is basically a freighter as it can afford to put on extenders.

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looks like a well balanced ship

Will be ganked anyway :rofl:

And the ppl will complain how completely useless the ship is, because they couldn’t fight back Oracles and 15 Catalysts in Uedama.

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