Equinox in Focus: Personalized Ship SKINs

Need. More. Patterns.
And way (way) more save slots.


Option to turn off when?

The reveal videos did paint it as a new career path.

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I get the career path thing, what I don’t get, or want, are those wanting to use outside pro programmes to make and sell skins.

I hope that is banned completely and only in game tools are allowed. Otherwise it’s open to too much abuse with mass automated production.

I don’t think there are outside tools to create in-game SKINs, nor do think CCP would ever entertain such a concept.

yes, they said artists could become a new “career” in eve
That’s why I got myself all the colors, all the patterns, invested hundreds of plex…

And then CCP releases the market with a 30% tax, basically screwing over everybody who ever wants to sell or buy a skin. Also with 5 slots no artist ever can save stuff easily so… it’s just a alpha state of the tool but they needed money to close this quarter or something like that an released it way too early.


In fairness, we did know about the 30% tax before Equinox was released…

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There are some VERY basic things about the SKINR system that NEED to be implemented.
We should be able to change the price of Skin sales at any time, and change the type Plex/Isk.
We should be able to cancel and add a skin at ANY time like all other items on the market.
We should be able to link our skins in a chat box.

How has this NOT been implemented yet?


There’s an official feedback thread. Take this there.

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One of the things we did not know about in advance is the mobile-game scummyness in sequencing time. Why in the name of Holy Bob is there such an obvious, scumstained system?!
I just caved and decided to sequence the Skin on my beloved Kronos. A 200 plex SKIN that I’m happy with. The time to sequence? 22 days (12 days 8 hours at my current sequencing skills) and the cost to instant sequence? 300 plex.

I am literally beyond disgusted. I couldn’t even see what the instant sequencing cost was until the sequencing began! Maybe up to 50 plex I’d have swallowed with a grumble, but 150% the cost of the SKIN itself?!?! No, ‘F’ that ‘S’!!!

The sequencing time was a kick in the nuts. The Kronos SKIN I created only cost 160 PLEX to sequence and another 150 PLEX to accelerate, so I opted for that (not sure if it was a bug or how I got the discount).

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@CCP_Swift @CCP_Zelus @CCP_Delegate_Zero @CCP_Stroopwafel @CCP_Convict @CCP_Overload

I like the changes. But you guys are just dug in on that extortionist 30% tax aren’t you? People are only using the tool now because it’s new and they’re hoping you’ll bring it down to affordable to use rate. 30% will murder the market you’re wanting to make. If you keep making changes without addressing that, it will generate a new tick of anger each time.

We already have to spend large sums of PLEX to create the skins. the profit margins are already RAZOR THIN if we want to be able to sell them. giving us more tools to show them off won’t make it worth the effort to populate the market long term if they won’t sell. The primary use of your tool is personal bling on personalized ship skins.

Also, make Fleet Commander skins that can be applied to all players in entire fleets for as long as a player is in the fleet. Those will be valuable to the players.

This market is something many of us really do want, but you guys are killing it on delivery already. You’re changes have only dressed a dying man in his casket suit.


This. All of this. If we’re going with a set 30% tax, then surely we can incorporate a discount into the existing skillset, ie:

• Hub Promotion: 1% listing fee reduction per skill level
• Hub Algorithm Optimization: 2% listing fee reduction per skill level

That would bring the listing fee down to a more reasonable 15% with max (V) skills. Or introduce a new 3rd skill that would bring it down to a flat 10-15%:

• Hub Marketing: 3-4% listing fee reduction per skill level

Otherwise these are all welcome changes to SKINR, so thanks for listening.


Some nice QoL improvements, but it isn’t addressing the underlying issue as to why the SKINR system (which should have been basically a flagship system) is unpopular: price in terms of both Plex and Time.

Plex in terms of the various components being over-priced for what they are, and the 30% Tax.
However, it is the time cost that really boils my urine! There is no reason why sequencing a SKIN shouldn’t be instant! Well, other than employing the Gacha mechanic to get more money out of people… It takes 22+ days (12 days with decent sequencing skills) to sequence a moderately complex SKIN for a Marauder… It only takes 4.5 days to actually build one! That is just freaking ridiculous. Not just ridiculous, but actually disgusting because it IS just a gacha money grab mechanic that is completely unneccesary.

At most, a SKIN’s (base) sequencing time should be capped at the ship’s base construction time (and in my opinion, it shouldn’t have a sequencing time at all!!)

I have a single Marauder SKIN being sequenced right now (which I never would have started had I known how long it would take - or to be more accurate how much it would cost in PLEX to do instantly - for reference, the SKIN cost 200 PLEX, making it instant would have cost 300 PLEX!). Once it is done, that will be the one and only SKIN that I make until the sequencing time changes SIGNIFICANTLY.


@CCP_Swift @CCP_Zelus @CCP_Delegate_Zero @CCP_Stroopwafel @CCP_Convict @CCP_Overload

I like the recent changes to the SkinR tool (they’re a step in the right direction). I especially like being able to link my listings. This will help us to be able to share our skins directly with our clients / be able to trade between alts.

However, I’d like to address some things. It looks like the new skill for skin save slots isn’t working correctly. According to the information on the skill “Studio Management”, it is supposed to give an additional 5 slots per level. I got 5 for the first level, but after training to level 3, I’m still sitting at 10 save slots when I should be sitting at 20 save slots. This needs to be corrected asap.

One of the biggest bugs with the SkinR system that needs to be corrected is that, when you attempt to edit a previously saved skin, it resets your angles. This is all of your Orbital, Offset, Rotate & Scale settings. This is happening when we select the pattern, the color with the pattern, & when you try to use the skin with another ship. Please, fix this soon. It’s kind of hard to use saved patterns as skin lines, if the pattern doesn’t actually let you edit it correctly.

It would be appreciated if we could preview patterns / skin color options we haven’t paid for yet. This would allow us to make an actually informed choice in regards to if we’d like to purchase those items or not. There’s a lot of frustration going around over this issue.

We’ve also noticed that the skins don’t always turn out (in space) how they appear in the SkinR tool, once they’ve been sequenced. This is incredibly maddening, and causes the folks using the SkinR tool to quit doing so because they’re not receiving what they paid for.

A couple of things that would be appreciated, in regards to the listings, would be the ability to modify/cancel our listings, and some sort of skill that helps to reduce the 30% tax.

I know you guys are, probably, restricted in regards to modifying that tax. However, right now, that tax is effectively causing a lot of folks to boycott the SkinR tool. Even if we’re not boycotting it, there’s a lot less folks trying to sell skins for profit than there could be.

You would get us to use our Plex on the SkinR tool, more, if it was cheaper in general. As things are at the moment, there’s a lot of players indicating that they will not buy skins from the Paragon store because they just cost too much.


Definitely cogent points here. I was fairly indifferent about the tax rate at first because it seemed like the natural stance CCP might strive for to keep their official skins competitive, but the optics of it all are flattening the market for sure. The first few weeks were a little bit of a gold rush, but the last ~7 days or so have felt like a complete freeze to the consumer base, due in a large part I’m sure to the negativity felt by the community. Something absolutely needs to give to avoid having this whole thing read like a one-step MLM.

I want to second this.

And @Guier_Rollard you expressed this more clearly than I could have managed, thanks.



Top 3 feature requests:

  1. Tax Relief. Ideally a permanent reduction to 10% -or- skill-based reduction to 10%.
  2. Ability to modify/edit/cancel paragon listings.
  3. Sub-menu (“Available”) that displays all design elements not in our collection - so we can track which new design elements have been added in-game through events, etc.

Top 3 bug fix requests:

  1. Fix the saved design pattern glitch where it resets the values on editing.
  2. Look into reports where SKINs disappear from the Paragon hub without the seller receiving payment.
  3. Implement more lighting under the ship so we can view the underside better when designing SKINs.
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i’m asking for a friend…
who’s watching ship skins in space ??? or you make’m for hangar spinning ???
…and yes - i’m talking about the hangar, in which you can’t spin any caps for how many years now ??