Equinox in Focus: Reinvigorating Nullsec

At the moment the plan is for the Skyhooks to exist but in a state where they don’t do anything. The new owners would have to clear the Skyhooks and place their own, or the old owners would have to get their sov back in the system.

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In this state where skyhooks ‘do not do anything’ after the system has been claimed by another group, will the skyhooks still offer the basic PI export functionality?

Currently PI is unaffected by IHub ownership changes. Will that change?

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It sounds like as swiftie mentioned, new ones would have to be placed

A warpable grid is a welcome change, though the absyall ‘zone of death’ outside of 150 km range would be better. Fight, or do not fight, anything is better than groups burning off inside the ESS and burning off to unengageable distances.

Since I saw something related to ACLs on the new sov hub UI, is there a chance we might get ACL based access to SOV hub management? Or will it still be exec corp station managers?

Also just checked the new ships demo, any sneak peaks on Avalanche’s infra hangar size? =)

Will Equinox gonna reintroduce asteroid belts to Curse?

Nothing that gets done in null will encourage/support smaller groups. You pretty much have to join a big block to see any benefits to living in null otherwise you get booted out of your small space you try to keep and the big blocks leave it to be unoccupied.


This as be show on the live stream by CCP 3 000 000 M3 infrastructures & 285 000 normal cargo this is the freighter with the largest cargo we never seen

Untrue, NPC null exists for small groups and they thrive there.

But skyhooks cant be placed in npc null though

Why do you need a skyhook as a small group and if you do then just live on the edge of npc null put a skyhook next door control that system until it gets nuked by 100 titan’s from enemies and move your stuff 1 jump to safety.

If you want the resources from skyhooks then just raid the sov bears and steal it.

If you want the system upgrades then raid the sov bears and steal that too.

These sov giants can kill all our structures and stop us building empires that is their advantage ours is hit and run gorilla tactic’s mixed in with raiding and pillaging. They cannot survive in npc null because of its limited resources while its plenty for our smaller numbers it was literally designed for us imo.

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I think that you are responsible for the misunderstanding.

Yes, this behaviour is working as intended, it is as you would expect it to be, it is reflective of real world outcomes in which asymmetrical forces suffer to the demands of both their strengths and their weaknesses. Tiny forces are capable of small scale specialised incursions, reconnoissance, disruption, harassment, deception but not successful head on assaults against superior numbers. As to what you can do against a larger entity I defer to Critical Roles’ Matt Mercer during instances where by a player attempts a difficult or near impossible task “You can always try.”

: Larger forces act as an ever present threatening deterrent. Yes. Humans gonna human.

Nothing can be said to this since it is currently speculation and historical finger pointing, however it might prove true in the future however CCP is also generally slow to change things so that future is likely as yet some time away.

Finally, in the third paragraph we reach your actual argument or should I say your fear? (And it may be a legitimate fear).

Whether you can capitalise on the disruption of the now necessary chain of logistical resource requirements that sovereignty will depend upon is really a matter of how much effort you are willing to put in, where you direct said efforts, and how well you implement that effort. If you do it stupidly your efforts will likely fail.

For some reason you have misunderstood that owning a resource producing structure now requires a chain of resource producing structures deployed within and across multiple systems. And the larger and more advanced you want your structure to be the wider and more complex your resource acquisition network must become in order to fuel and sustain itself.
Each one of those distribution lines is a potential weak point prone to exploitation by a dedicated group of individuals. Perhaps the smaller the group the better and more clandestine its operations. As far as disrupting a large organisation at a large level, this may not be possible for a small group. And it really should be a difficult task to accomplish if and when the organisation is awake and paying attention. A derelict empire however, well that will likely be ripe for the picking by just about anybody that can.

The difference that this new expansion brings is that every system in the network now matters and within the network the centralised core system, the location toward which all the resources from the outer arms are directed, it now matters the most. Because every arm of the logistical chain now matters, every arm is a potential vulnerability point, every planet in every system, not just 1DQ, not just the bottle necks, not just the citadel, every planet in every system.
That means that when an organisation grows large enough to control multiple hubs, hubs on the peripherally and there adjoined logistical resource chains will be as vulnerable perhaps even more vulnerable to harassment as the core system and bottle necks are. This actually makes it easier for smaller groups to target weaker, quieter locations and impact them meaningfully.

In this expansion if a fleet does turn up, it is at the risk of leaving another more important network undefended. Welcome to Whack-a-mole. Being big and owning space just got a lot more challenging. Being small and needing less just got easier.


Hardly. They will be transfered from the skyhook to an astrahus, and every now and again a JF or capitol will come through and fill up the fleet hangar array.

This skyhook that combines the moon goo from all planets in the system and pulling them into one place saves the larger groups a lot of time WITH A SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCED AND SIMPLER LOGISTICS CHAIN.

Hell, just the fact that medium citadels can tether ships too large to dock in them means that this will be easily 10 fold safer than the old moon goo system, which required ships to travel from pos to pos, planet to planet, gate to gate, to collect the harvested materials and very vulnerable during every step of the process.

This new skyhook system makes things simpler overall, to such an extent that it incentivizes the larger groups to expand skyhooks and astra chains into the buffer areas of nullsec, and then further kick out the smaller groups living in areas that they didn’t care about before.

But that’s the thing – the timers being advertised are so long that all of the moles get whacked without issue. It gets even more egregious if the moon drill theft units can only be used within the core time window of the owning corp.

All that’s missing is a corp notification of when somebody sets one up, with a one-click button to “set destination to the moon drill” to make it that much easier for the braindead nullsec fleets to get to you.

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I thought the skyhook was in orbit of a planet, like the POCOs it replaced.

This means that you don’t get a single skyhook for all planets in a system.
Instead, you need a skyhook for every planet that you want to passively earn the new planet resources from. And you will need to move stuff from every skyhook to a safe structure regularly as manual job if you don’t want hostile groups to raid it.

Next, you don’t get any moon goo directly from these skyhooks.

The skyhook produces a new kind of fuel that you can use to fuel your passive moon mining, or can be sold to other groups in space that wish to do passive moon mining.

This is yet another manual job of moving your moon drill fuel from the skyhook (or the place your store it at) to the moon drill.

And those moon drills can be attacked for their moon goo.

All in all, it’s going to add a lot of optional extra manual labour for ‘passive moon goo’ and with it a lot of possibilities for hostile groups to come and raid your stuff. They can steal moon drill fuel from your skyhooks or kill the moon drill for moon goo.


As far as I understand you you have to pick only 1 planet and have 1 skyhook per system.

As the Skyhooks are going to replace POCOs (which are one per planet) as a structure in orbit of the planet it extracts from, I don’t see how Skyhooks will be one per system.

In the description of Skyhooks on the update web page:

Skyhooks can be attached to all planet types, but only within player-owned sovereign nullsec space, and only one can be placed in orbit of each planet.

You can put a singlke Skyhook on every of the planets in order to extract Workforce, Power and Reagents depending on the type of planet. And the reagents are tradable haulable stuff that people can steal from you.

So every system with Skyhooks that has ice or lava planets has Skyhooks worth raiding.

I’m not sure if the other Skyhooks are also worth raiding (as there is no new stuff to loot, I guess, besides stored PI?) but it may turn off the workforce and power required to maintain system upgrades like ansiblexes, so it could still very much be useful to turn that off for your enemies if you’re at war.

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It wont replace all poco’s just the 1 poko per system as it holds the system sov upgrades, also they showed a graphic where 1 solar system had more power and the next had more people, if you could put it on all planets you would have all of everything.

Currently there is only 1 sov upgrade hub per system not 1 per planet.

Would be weird having sov upgrades on every planet.

But yea CCP probably said it somewhere just have to find it.

Sov upgrades are installed on new Sovhub

And they will require new resources from skyhooks to operate - energy and workforce. They go automagicaly directly to Sovhub. Won’t be “itemized” to be hauled in cargo holds.

But reagents will.

You’re confusing the new Skyhook (POCO replacement) with the Sovereignty Hub (territorial claim unit and the infrastructure hub replacement).

One Sovereignty Hub per system, up to one Skyhook per planet.