ESIKnife now has Shareable URLs

This an update to my previous post on reddit mentioning the release of ESIKnife about a week ago.

Today I am here to announce that shareable urls are now a thing within ESIKnife.

How do they work

Shareable URLs are passed from the requestor to the character they want to access. When the character clicks on the url, they will be prompted to login. If they have an account on ESIKnife, they will be redirected to a Grant Authorization Screen. if they have never logged into ESIKnife before, they will go through the usually registration process of selecting scopes and downloading data.

Once the character has authorized the sender of the URL access to their data, the sender will be added to the character accessor list and that character will show up on the senders dashboard just like before.

This process is really just a workaround to the manual method. Rather than having to type in a name and search against ESI, the URL method simply attaches the Recruiter (Senders) character as an accessor to the receivers character. Some code, written differently.

How to Generate a URL

To generate a URL, navigate to your settings and click on Manage Shareable URLs. The rest should be self explanatory. If you need assistance, please checkout the #TalkWithTheDeveloper section of the about page.

As with the last page, I will be monitoring the replies to this thread and the feedback that this post receives.

Thank you

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Wonderful interface and easy to use.

Removed a good number of topics posts. Please keep it on topic. Thank you.

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hey hey, I love your tool – nice, clean, and easy to set up for recruits :heart:

I do have one question/feature request: would it be possible to add a “blacklist”? that is, some kind of feature where you input a list of character names/corps/alliances to “blacklist”, and the tool returns all entries in the scopes that it checks for matches against those entities. for example, if I blacklist goonswarm federation and a recruit has received a mail from someone in goons, the tool would highlight those mails and say that there are matches against the blacklist.

the old jacknife tool had something to that effect and it was super useful. would adding a feature like that here be difficult?

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