Estimated price and fitting QoL

Please let us set the preferred Hub for Estimated price, which we see in bottom status bar of the container. It’s really annoying to see inflated regional price instead of Jita.

Managing T3C fittings is a nightmare. Each time I need to move subsystems from Subsystem bay to Item hangar, because for some reason fitting feature doesn’t look for modules/subsystems in the ship itself. It also doesn’t look in containers. Am I missing something??? As a result of that, my Item hangar is a mess, because I can’t keep modules/subsystems/ammo/drugs in containers.

Also please add feature to strip whole fit into chosen container. ‘Strip to…’

Thanks o7

Not gonna happen. Go back and play the game /s

yeah this would be nice ! little QoL update and nothing fancy but also an option to fit from different station containers

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