[EU] 35M or 50M sub-cap character is looking for group PvE content

I hope you’ve had a good day so far!

Group non-industry PvE would be solely the thing I am looking for. This would and could mean incursions, C5 wormholes, abyssals, or even L4s. So long the group does group PvE regularly.

I’ve played EvE in 2010, 2013, and 2023. Had a hi-sec group with IRL friends that survived hi-sec wardecs and had us answering recruits straight from wikipedia, spent a year in a C6 wormhole mainly as a scanner and a PvPer - they wanted Loki and Dreadnought blappers and those two things I couldn’t do very well at the time. Spent a brief stint in some random 0.0. spot. Now, as winter has come, I’ve made my return to a MMO environment.

As a person I am succinct, friendly, trustworthy, reliable, and honest. On comms I tend to be efficient, on text I tend to be somewhat talkative even. I steer clear from toxic online personalities as those stress me out. I am from Finland. I do have a mic and use Discord.

I am willing to train into Logistics and whatever doctrine is used, and I am quite hard wired to maintain fleet safety. I am not looking to do leisure PvP roams, but will participate in defense. You could say I am looking to exercise my carebear and motherbear instincts.

Looking for a stress free environment. But the PvE fleet content can be intense and high focus, that tickles my fancy quite a bit. I would however prefer not to multibox. =)

You Are Welcome With us. :slightly_smiling_face:

Still looking! I received some responses that didn’t include group PvE. I am only interested in social shooty group PvE. By logistics I meant armo(u)r and shield repair.

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