EU Null Sec Roaming Corp looking for pilots to fly free ship

Chimney Chaps In Space is looking for a few friendly recruits to boost our numbers so we can do some more interesting fleet comps.

What we offer:

  • All PVP ships provided for free.
  • Two set days for roams Wednesday and Sunday at 8 GMT.
  • Extra roams by popular demand.
  • No requirements than to try to train for fleet comps.
  • A friendly group of gamers who have been playing games together for nearly 15 years.
  • Not the worlds worst kill board. Chimney Chaps In Space | Corporation | zKillboard

What we are looking for:

  • English speaking.
  • Is friendly and doesn’t have a break down if things go wrong.
  • Try hard even if they are awful like most of us.

About Us

We mostly play Eve online these days but we also play CS, tabletop, valorant and some random stuff now and then. We live in high sec 1 jump from null and bring down and pay for all the ships you will fly in fleets. We have been roaming almost every Sunday and Wednesday for 2 and a half years now. I will link a video of what a typical fleet is like for us so you can get a feel if we are a good fit for your.

If interested join Chimney Chaps In Space

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