EU PVP & Indi Pilots


(Sjup Dupont) #1

We are recruiting industrial AND PVP pilots! We offer a variety of benefits, not limited to the typical mining operations of highsec.

  • Manufacturing
  • PVP
  • PVE

Points of Interest

  • Perfect Planetary Interaction (T4)
  • Good exploration area
  • Discord (Obviously?!)
  • Other games (SCUM, Escape from Tarkov, PUBG, The Last Frontier and many more)

Guideline requirements

  • Cruiser with T2 fittings
  • Mining abilities
  • Two hours Mining each week
  • If you can’t mine, then just go find some ■■■■ to kill!


21mil SP Loner Pilot looking for small/medium corp
Looking for an industrial corp
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(123 Cavin-Guang) #4

Great corp, great fun to fly with and a great moon scanning service!

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(SuperTomy) #11

Hi i join 29 days ago. Only have 50M Isk. And a Alpha acount.

Today i have My omega omega acount and 887M Isk.

The officer take the time to explain my how work Null Sec, because i only play in High Secs corps before.

The system is really safe, can: Moon mining, explore scan, ratting or join a fleet and kill some neutrals.

If you have a question send my a message in game, because i know recruitment post are sometimes bad… But really this is a good corp. Fly safe. Check and join if you like :slight_smile:

(Sjup Dupont) #12

Lovely feedback, were so glad to have you onboard ST and here’s to ongoing success! :beers:

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still looking

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Newcomers still being welcomed into the world of the damned

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(Joyeus Kurvora) #21

Hey, can I join? Just started playing on a new account. I’ve played Eve before, but never got very far. I think it’s probably cause I never joined a corp. I’m interested in doing some pvp and exploration, and I could really use some direction from better players.