[EU TZ] Returning 68-80m toons looking for corp

Returning after 7 years, active for 2 months mostly looking for stuff.

  • EU TZ
  • Looking for PvP/FW/Low Sec/Wh
  • Active daily
  • English is not my first language but i can understand and speak enough
  • Have been in Null Sec corps, mostly JF services
  • 35+ guy
  • Loves to lose ships
  • No Drama
  • Capital capable toons
  • Have lots of knowledge gaps about wh’s and some basic new stuff. but eager to learn

Check out Pagids Legion!

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Hi there m8

Make sure to check us out


come kill slaves with us :slight_smile:

Come check us out at The Order of Omerta. We’re a laid back Corp looking for people who want to enjoy the game. We are into fw, pvp, pve and indy and do everything as a team.

If interested come by The Order of Omerta

Howdy, we are Threat Contained! Made up of bitter vets and Dust514 Mercs currently living in Fountain part of the Initiates with the intent of joining the Initiative.

We are looking for returning vets and new bros looking for the opportunity to PVP and reestablish themselves in the game in an laid back environment. Our alliance offers plenty of opportunities to PVP, rat, plex, and build sh*t to your hearts content.

If interested reply here join “THRT Recruiting” in game.

Hey brother,

My name is Lee and I am the head of recruitment for not only Apollo. But, for our alliance as well. Our corp loves cap fighting. Come on down and give us a look we have a lot of veteran players. We are based in the Providence region in nullsec.

Look forward to chatting with you soon.

hey buddy

we are a corp acktive in low and hi sec we are indy heavy wile we do pvp and some pve
if you wanne read more then follow this link

o7 dude!

You had me at loves to lose ships! I’m the CEO of War Eagle Fleet, a null sec corp in the Literally Triggered alliance. WEF is about 50/50 US/EU while LTRIG is primarily EU. We’re looking to grow our member numbers back to previous heights and are recruiting dudes like yourself.

Hop in the server and chat us up!

Hi Tufuna,

Guns-R-Us Toy Company is the founding Corp for Weapons of Mass Production. We have a standing fleet and regularly go on PvP roams.


We are an alliance that holds territory in Detorid with many quiet ratting systems. In addition there are many alliance moons and a full industry park. WOMP has bonused infrastructure to build everything including capitals. We are newbro friendly but do require a minimum of 30 days in game. We ask that our members have a mic and join in the defense of our systems. In Guns-R-Us real life always comes first so there is no mandatory fleet activity, but pvp is actively encouraged.

  • R64 moon mining

  • Ice Belts

  • A0 Anomalies - Isogen mining!

  • Alliance Industrial Park bonused for everything including capitals

  • Plenty of ratting space

  • PvP fleets with 100% SRP for Corp/Alliance fleets

  • Help in developing your isk making abilities

  • JF Service

  • Multiple competing buyback service

If you want to know more Join us on Discord

TSSOC has been around since 2008 ! lots of active members, living in a busy area of Null, next door to Lowsec and Hisec !

come give us a look

Check us out!

Nakito Banner 4

Hi Tufuna and welcome back in Eve.

What you describe in what you are looking for, looks pretty much the same of the requirements, we as a corp from The Initiative. have.

We are EUTZ based but have also player from USTZ. Our corp language is English. We have German speaking pilots in our corp as well and are using our first language as well.

Should you be interested to learn more about the 4th oldest corp in out alliance, with a relaxed and no drama way of playing, then join our ingame recruiting channel ‘Thunderkitty’.

For more information about our corp, I link you our posting here:

Fly safe and hope to meet you in our channel soon o7

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