Eu/ UK WH corp - no voice comms needed

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Our friendly corp Blackheartgamers was founded in 2016, We are an established corp based in a C2 WH with easy hisec access making logistics simple (ish) for less experienced pilots and lazy vets and a C3 static for isk making, exploring, and PVP content

More a family than a corp we are currently opening our recruitment to everyone (after vetting) Alpha, Omega, New, Old, Returning, the person is more important than the SP.

We try to be a no-drama group and look for the same in those looking to join. Real-life comes first so we try to avoid forced Ops when we can but for those who like organized content there are organized alliance fleets regularly

We’re mostly EU/UK TZ But Alliance friends offer US TZ fleets/ friends so no matter what your timezone you will normally find someone online.

We are mainly into:
Teaching wh life/ mechanics to newcomers
Solo/small gang PVP
Ratting C2/C3 sites
Gas huffing
WH based construction, refining, and reaction facilities are also available

Alliance offers additional access to:
C5/6 ratting
High-class gas huffing fleets
PVP Fleets / fun

We use Discord for out-of-game messaging, but voice comms are not required on a day-to-day basis. We have families so cant always talk and understand that others are in the same situation

*Most alliance fleets require voice comms - listen-only is normally fine

Nothing is mandatory - your time is your own or join a corp mate and make isk together its your choice

come have a chat at our in-game public channel - BHG recruiting wh-ore
Or mail Gavin Breaker / Chunky Boirelle for more detals

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