[EU/US] DNS Requiem - Nullsec PVP INDY -

We are a well-established, active PVP and Industry corp looking for new and active pilots!

What we are offering:

  • Access to 0.0 System
  • Active mostly US time zone some EU
  • Corp Shopping Service
  • Corp Mineral buyback
  • Consistent 10% corp tax
  • Good Pi planets, with low tax
  • Real-life comes first policy
  • Mature leadership/Mature corp
  • T2 access for senior members

What we are looking for:

  • Active team players willing to participate in Corp Ops, Home Defense and Alliance CTA’s EVERY GUN COUNTS!
  • Mining/PVE/PVP focused characters
  • People willing to train/Fly capital Industrial ships/Carriers but not required
  • Must have a mic/headset and use Corp Team speak and Alliance Mumble
  • Min skill points of 6 Mill
  • Provide full account SEAT registration for Corp recruitment that will be kept on file for duration of time in Corp

Join the in game chat channel DNS-R Public to talk to a recruiter today!

Please contact one of our Recruiters BEFORE applying. Random applications will be auto rejected!
Nova Sabel, Dasheba, Tally Hoe

Recruitment Open. Join DNS-R Public today to talk to one of our directors.

Join the Insane Asylum! Become One of Us today!

Lots to do, Don’t be alone in highsec, Join DNS today. Daily content for PVP and PVE. Join DNS-R Public chat channel to talk to a recruiter.

Recruitment Open, Join Today!

Looking for a home? Look no further! DNS-R Public is open

DNS Is recruiting, Looking for PVPers , Miners and Ratters. Lots of daily boosting and pvp fleets.

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